14 Nov 2014


One of the lovely things about having a boy in addition to a girl is that I get to dress Alex in some of the gorgeous “little dude” clothes that are around. I’ve always thought that boys clothes are so much cooler than those available for little girls (blue is my favourite colour anyway), and it balances out nicely all of Becky’s pink things (she’s such a typical little girl!) that have taken over every aspect of her clothes, toys and generally all of her possessions.

I love buying clothes for Alex (Note to self: go easy on the online shopping!) and have also been lucky to have received some amazing gifts from friends, family and colleagues, so his little wardrobe is forever expanding. My favourites for him are snug babygros and sleepsuits, cosy leggings and cords, as well as soft knits and cardis, and as winter is approaching, I can’t wait to layer him up in his chunky pram suit and little wooly hats etc.

Above is just a small selection of recent gifts and purchases as well as my favourite oh so cute items. The boy’s definitely got style, don’t you think?



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