18 Nov 2014

Customising Ikea

We recently bought Becky her first "big girl's bed". Until then she had been in a cot bed which converted from a baby cot into a junior bed. However, when Alex started to outgrow his moses basket, we decided to convert the junior bed back into a cot and move Alex in, and Becky was very excited to get a more "grown up" sleeping arrangement.

Her nursery is the typical box room found in most houses, so maximising space was paramount. So off we went to good old Ikea and came back with the mid-rise bunk bed "Kura", which offers a sleeping space on top and lots of room for storage, toys or playtime underneath.

The things is, the Kura bed is and looks pretty basic, as you can see (it's only a temporary solution until we decide whether we'll move to a bigger house or extend, so we didn't want to invest a huge amount into what is meant to be just a provisional arrangement). Therefore, I've been trawling Pinterest to look for some inspiration on how to jazz up the bed and add a little bit of girly charm and personality. I'm not a terribly arty crafty person, but I enjoy the odd spell of DIY and customising when a wave of creativity overcomes me, so I'm thinking this:


I love the idea of Becky having a little snug underneath, and we have already put a nice new (pink!) rug, some fairy lights and cosy cushions into the space, as well as having moved some of her books, her dolls house, lots of dollies and Barbies in.

I think the monochrome colour scheme in this image is lovely against the pink accents, though I think it's probably not enough pink for Becky's liking *sigh*.

This is more like it: Becky would love the pink feature wall, and I'm going to look for some nice wall paper or border that I can use. I'll probably paint the frame white though, as I think it will look even nicer.
This is not the right colour scheme *obviously! It’s not pink!*  but I like the idea of getting some kind of curtain creation that would turn the downstairs into a little den - Becky LOVES dens! - , and the space can also double up as a bunk bed for when she has her little friends round for a sleep-over.

I best get started then! 


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