12 Nov 2014

Finding My Voice

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If someone had told me a few years ago that I would start my own blog, I would have laughed out loud. I didn’t do blogs. In fact, I admit, I was even quite cynical about the blogosphere, the sheer amount of blogs, topics and personalities out there and the fact that anyone and everyone can launch one. I suppose, as a journalist and editor, I felt that only “professionals” had the authority to express themselves publically. I guess I just didn’t get it. Until I got it.

Over time, and especially since having my daughter Rebecca, I’ve started to follow a number of mummy and lifestyle blogs, and one led to another, and another and then another, and suddenly I was sucked in. I finally understood that it’s exactly that multitude of voices and diversity of subjects that makes blogs and the people behind them the lovely creative community that they are. And I started to feel like I wanted to be involved. Be part of it. Join the conversation. Quite often, I would read something and wholeheartedly agree or disagree, share the same experiences or have different ones, and I wanted to share my own.

My final motivation to take the leap and launch “Fairies and Pirates” came after the birth of my baby son Alexander three months ago, when I found myself overwhelmed with so many emotions, experiences and thoughts and the feeling that I needed to vent them somewhere. To find my voice, if you will. So this is it. My little space of the internet, and my take on motherhood, work, life and getting a balance between all three. Welcome!

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