27 Nov 2014

The Great "Frozen" Bake-off


It’s Becky’s fourth birthday in a couple of weeks, and like most little girls, she’s totally obsessed with Disney’s “Frozen”. So much so, that all she’s talking about is that she wants a “Frozen”-themed cake for her birthday party. Hmm…

I’m a fairly confident baker *I baked my own wedding cake, after all. Fact!*, but I have never done much with sugar craft or handled Royal Icing very often (I’m not that fond of it, so most of my cakes feature buttercream icing or other frostings), so we’ll have to see how that one will go.

But of course, my daughter’s birthday wish is my command, so I will attempt to get some kind of cake creation going. I think I will do a main cake and probably order some Anna, Elsa and Olaf cake toppers (with the best will in the world, I don’t think I can “craft” convincing Frozen figurines), as well as a batch of Frozen cupcakes, which should be a bit easier.

Above and below are a couple of cake inspirations that I have pulled from Pinterest. Not ambitious at all. *Cough*. I’ll report back how I got on, if they turn out in any way ok. Any tips and tricks are most welcome!





  1. If you make one that looks like the above I will pay you a lot of money to make my daughter one too! Did you really do your own wedding cake? Amazing. Jess xx www.mummyofboygirltwins.com

    1. Haha! Well, I will give it a good go, but have ordered Anna and Elsa cake toppers to stick on top. I'll do a trial run this week. Yes, I did my own wedding cake. :-) Mainly, because neither of us like the traditional fruit cakes and thought sponges were a bit boring, so I made quite an indulgent chocolate cake for the top tier, and then a mixture of various cupcake varieties. It worked out well, so we'll have to see. :-) xx


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