30 Dec 2014

A Winter Day Out

After having had the most relaxed and loveliest of Christmasses, mostly spent indoors with too many treats and Christmas TV, it was time to head outside and dust off the cobwebs.

So yesterday, on the glorious – and gloriously cold – day, we decided to head to a nearby mansion estate and deer park and make the most of the crisp, fresh air and soak up some winter sun, even though temperatures had hardly risen above zero.

It was exactly what we needed. We went for a long walk across the expansive estate gardens and fields, and even managed to get quite close to a herd of beautiful fallow deer who were just chilling in the grass and were totally unbothered by the gaggle of humans ogling at them.

Becky loved it, as well as making the most of the play area, and even Alex seemed to enjoy himself, tucked up warm in his snow suit and in my baby carrier, taking in the scenery with a curious expression. Too cute for words.

Naturally, we took the opportunity to take a few family selfies – which proved a bit tricky getting all of us and our varying heights into the picture. But luckily John managed to get a few shots, and even if we all look a bit silly / weird, we had lots of fun doing it.

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