8 Dec 2014

Homemade Christmas Gifts

We normally alternate between spending Christmas at my parents' in Germany and John’s in the UK. This year, we would have been due to go to Germany, however, with Alex still being so small and my parents having just recently visited, we have decided to leave it until next year and to spend Christmas Day at home and Boxing Day at the in-laws. This should be really nice and hopefully a lot less stressful than travelling with the kids at peak Christmas times and unpredictable winter conditions.
But I still have a bit of a dilemma. My parents are insisting that they don’t want any Christmas presents, and even though they say that every year and I still buy them bits (and they are secretly pleased), this time they are pretty adamant that they really don’t want us to go through the effort and expense and that they don’t “need anything” (Hmmm. They are getting to that age where I keep hearing “we don’t need anything anymore”. Slightly annoying!).

I feel guilty about not being there at Christmas, so despite their assurances, I do want them to have a little something from us. So I thought of making a few personalised bits with the kids, which I'm sure they would love. As always in these situations, I consulted Pinterest and found some pretty great ideas, some of which I will try to do over the next few days (yes, best get a move on before I miss the postage deadline), and some that are just great to consider for next year, when it’s not such a last minute project.
I will definitely do this with the kids' hand and foot prints, I think it’s such a nice idea.
I’ve been meaning to do bits of Christmas biscuit baking anyway, so this will definitely be on my list also.
I think these snow globes are so pretty. Not sure I’ll manage to accomplish them this year, but will come back to it for next Christmas.
Such a simple, but effective idea – dried fruit Christmas ornaments.
Tempted to do this one for us – it’s too big and fragile to send in the post anyway, no?
Finally, some salt dough ornaments for the tree – I would probably paint them all nice and colourful with Becky. Lovely!

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