12 Dec 2014

My Big Little Girl

Becky will turn four this weekend. How on earth did that happen?

In what feels like the blink of an eye she’s gone from my tiny baby to this beautiful little girl; smart, kind, fiercely independent, determined, curious about the world, creative and so so incredibly witty and funny.

I could not be prouder of her. She is everything I ever hoped for in a child, and more, and sometimes I look at her and I can’t quite believe that she is mine.

4 –it feels like another big milestone. My little girl is growing up. Not such a little girl anymore.

And ever since Alex came along, she’s now our “big girl”. The big sister.

4 –  already 4! It’s scares me a bit how quickly time flies.

But then again, as "grown up" as she is and thinks she is, and acts, she is still only 4.

She still needs her Mummy – less so, admittedly. Or differently, that’s probably more accurate.

But she still needs Mummy.

My guidance. My love. My attention.

She needs Mummy when she’s feeling unwell or is ill.

She wants Mummy when she cries.

She calls for Mummy when she’s scared in the dark or had a bad dream.

And more than anything, she loves Mummy cuddles and kisses.

She’s Mummy’s girl.

She may be growing up, but however old she will be, she will always be my little girl.

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