24 Dec 2014

Our Merry Little Christmas

This Christmas will be extra special. It will be the first time we will be spending the holidays as a family of four, with Alex the best Christmas present I could have ever wished for.

We normally alternate each year between spending Christmas with John’s family in Wales and my family in Germany, but this time, with Alex still being still so young and overseas travel a bit of a pain, and also because it kind of feels right, we have decided to spend Christmas day at home, just the four of us, our little unit.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

Whilst it’s always nice to spend Christmas with our families (and we will be going to John’s parents on Boxing Day anyway), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day belong to us, and it’s something we have never done before. Not like this anyway.

Four years ago, when Becky was first born, we had a taster of Christmas on our own, but with a then just over ten day old baby that had colic, wouldn’t sleep and just screamed for more than 18 hours a day, it all seems like a big blur and the memories of us merely functioning – or rather not - don’t really count as a proper Christmas experience.

But this time is different. We all are – dare I say it – in a good and happy place (I hate saying things like that out loud. I’m terribly superstitious and am always scared that I will jinx things, but there you are, I will feel the fear and say it anyway), and sitting here in my warm living room, Christmas lights twinkling on the tree, with a cup of hot chocolate, listening to Alex making the funniest noises and Becky playing princess and fairies with her dollies, I feel as content as I very rarely have before and very Christmassy indeed.

And what I am most excited about is spending quality time as a family, and starting and making our own traditions.

In Germany, our main Christmas celebration happens on Christmas Eve, so today will be all about making Christmas Eve a little bit more special for Becky and including some German traditions before the “big day” tomorrow.

With Becky being aware of Christmas now like never before, and this being Alex’s first Christmas, I know that this year is the year where special and treasured memories will be made. And I couldn’t be happier.

Merry Christmas!



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