17 Dec 2014

Party Time

I feel like I’ve lost the best part of a week to birthday parties, Christmas madness and general illness, and every time I want to sit down and write a blog post, something else pops up and prevents me from doing it. Time is definitely not on my side and I still seem to have quite a lot of Xmas stuff to get and organise. Urgh.

We’ve all been a bit under the weather the last few days, but poor little Alex has caught it worst and is currently fighting his first big cold, including chesty cough, gunged up nose, runny eyes and trouble breathing, and he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself. Neither do I, for that matter. I feel very sorry for him.

It was Becky’s 4th birthday last weekend, and it’s fair to say that our little lady had a fab time and was spoilt rotten by all.

We first spent her actual birthday with my parents-in-law, where she was showered with all our gifts, including the obligatory “Frozen” paraphernalia, dressing up Princess costumes, Barbie dolls, My Little Pony dolls and ponies, games, hairdresser kits, a Micro Scooter, and various other items of clothing, toys and games. It’s fair to say Becky is one lucky girl.

Then, the next day we held her actual party with her little friends, and again, she had a lovey time. We first hired a play gym with bouncy castle, which was followed by a little celebration in the adjacent party room. It was lovely to have all of Becky’s little friends together, and Becky thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention. And of course another ton of presents!

As if we didn’t have enough of parties already, the day after we were invited to the 4th birthday extravaganza of Becky’s friend Laylah, which – as kids parties go – was also a brilliant do and one to bear in mind for next year. Laylah’s parents had hired a hall and a children’s entertainer, who was brilliant, and between magic tricks, jokes and a bit of ventriloquism, there was also a disco to keep the little ones entertained. And at the end, instead of party bags, there was a candy cart where the kiddies could pick & mix sweeties as they pleased (well, within reason and parental supervision, of course).

Now I’ve got a whole year to think of a good idea for Becky’s next birthday. #Nopressure

Below are just a couple of snapshots of Becky on her big day.  I just realised that most of our images from the party include other children, so I won’t be posting them on here, but you get the picture from the shots below that Becky loved every minute.

      Opening all of her pressies on her birthday morning.
Party Outfit Number 1.
Party Outfit Number 2.

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