21 Dec 2014

The Christmas Card Scrooge

I love Christmas, and everything about it. Honesty, I do. Especially now that I have kids, I experience the magic of Christmas with new vigour and through the eyes of the little’uns, and it’s lovely.

But when it comes to Christmas cards, I admit, I’m a real Scrooge. I just don’t get it. The hundreds of manically scribbled down cards with some half-hearted wishes or illegible signatures (hardly the meaningful messages of Goodwill), the stress of not forgetting another random person that needs to be on the all important Christmas card list, the pressure of getting them written and send off in time for the Post Office deadline, and not to mention the considerable expense (and investment of time, time that I don’t have) of all of it.

I hasten to say, that while I do appreciate everyone who sends me / us Christmas cards, I can honesty live without them, too. Because firstly you have to find somewhere to display the tons of cards you receive (my shelves, window sills, alcoves, fireplace etc. are already full, thank you very much!), and then you have to dispose / recycle them afterwards. It’s just not something I need to get me in the Christmas spirit.

I know, I know. This is controversial stuff to say in a country that is obsessed with sending cards of all kinds on any occasion. But my excuse is that I’m from Germany and there are clearly huge cultural differences at play here. For in Germany – and you may or not be surprised by this *snigger* - we don’t do Christmas cards. Well, we might send the odd card to an auntie or other relative who lives a million miles away, but we don’t engage in competitive Christmas card sending.

And as much as I have become “Anglo-filed” since living in the UK, this is one German tradition I will keep to. Therefore, I have chosen to donate the money I would have spent on buying and sending cards to two of my chosen charities, which makes me a lot happier.

Only problem is, that Becky has started to bring back a ton of Christmas cards from nursery, and the greetings cycle is continuing the next generation down. Uh oh. And as much as I’m tempted to ignore the cards, one does not want to appear rude, no?

What’s a mummy to do? Reluctantly off to the shops and get some ruddy Christmas cards. Grrr. Now, where are all my pens …

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