28 Jan 2015

(Back) Home from Home

I’ve just returned from a week long break back home in Germany (which explains why it was a bit quiet on the blog for a bit – I actually enjoyed being lazy for once). It was my Mum’s 70th birthday, so  the kids and I (hubby had to stay at home and work) flew over for the big celebrations and some much needed family and friend time. I hadn’t been back home since last April, when I was pregnant with Alex and in my second trimester, so it’s been a while, and aside from my Mum’s birthday, I actually needed a little Germany fix.

It was the first time I flew on my own with both kiddies, and whilst all went well, it’s definitely not without its challenges – mainly thanks to Becky, who is just so nosy and lively and will just suddenly stop to look at something or chat to random people, so it was quite a job to make sure that I didn’t lose her.

Luckily Becky loves flying, and being at the airport and the aeroplane excites her big time, which is really really sweet. And thanks to the iPad, lots of sweets, sticker and colouring books, and a few games, it was relatively easy to keep her occupied throughout the journey. And Alex just slept through most of the flight, which was a blessing and made things much easier. It was only actually just manoeuvring all of us and all our bags and pram / car seat into the right place at the right time that was the main trial. I wish I had more arms, let’s put it that way!

It was so nice being back home though; I managed to catch up with my bestie and a few close friends, and even a school friend whom I hadn’t seen in ages. And obviously, seeing my family and spending my Mum’s special day together was great. As we live so far away and only see each other every so often, you become very aware of how quickly time passes, and with my Mum turning 70, every little moment spent with my parents is precious. And it’s lovely to see how besotted they are with their grandkids.

Below is my week in a few (mediocre) iPhone pictures. I wish I had taken more images, especially of me and my Mum, but somehow I quite enjoyed just living the moment and didn’t always think to take other snapshots. But hey ho.  
Waiting to board the plane - my little traveller.
Alex stretching out after a long journey in his seat and pram - it was actually the highest and longest he spent on his belly. Clearly there was lots to see.
My little joker - pretending to be a statue in the city centre of my home town.
Baking a cake for Oma's birthday.
We had another go at weaning Alex and it went much better than before.
Then the snow set it, and time for snow angels and snowmen.
An intimate moment of my Mum feeding Alex - one of my favourites. She's besotted with the both of them.

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