15 Jan 2015

Review: Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

He might not look it in the images, but he does really like the Baby Snug.
I wanted to share one of my recent purchases for Alex, the Mamas & Papas Baby Snug, a floor support seat for babies from 3 months. I bought it before Christmas, but only really started using it at the beginning of the year, when Alex was definitely comfortable holding his head up.

It’s quickly become a staple in our house and Alex really likes sitting in it and being upright, taking in the goings-ons in our house, and it’s a nice alternative to his baby bouncer.

I had originally planned to buy a Bumbo, as I had used one that a friend had lend me when Becky was little, but while browsing online, I came across the Mamas & Papas version, and  - I’m not gonna lie – I preferred the look of it, as it’s really cute and, as “baby sitters” go, rather understated and stylish.

Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed and it’s definitely not a case of style over function, with the Baby Snug living up to everything I need it to be.

Firstly, and most importantly, it’s sturdy and its broad base prevents Alex from toppling over, even if he tries.

It also comes with a detachable tray, which has meant that I am able to use the Baby Snug for our first stages of weaning (see my other post on that here), and can leave investing in a high chair until a later date, as we’re currently getting on really well with this solution (*I know you’re not supposed to, and technically the Baby Snug is a floor seat, but I’ve been popping it in the middle of our dining table at meal times, so Alex is on eye-level with us, which is quite nice and more social, and we’re obviously keeping an eye on him and never leave him there unattended*).

All parts are detachable, including the tray and the foam seat, so the Baby Snug is easy to clean, and what’s more, the seat will grow with Alex, as you can just take the foam bit out when he no longer fits, and just pop your child into the main base, which extends the life span of the seat somewhat – a definite advantage to the Bumbo, which I found Becky had outgrown after a couple of months, even though she was already on the petite side.

I also bought the activity tray, which offers an array of features such as roller bead ball, spinning flower, twisty bendy stalk with rattle and teether, reversible squeaker pad, rotating lion and beaded loop, which keep Alex occupied and entertained; he particularly loves bashing the squeaker pad, as well as trying to pull the flower towards his mouth and bite it, as he is teething so badly.

All in all, we love the Baby Snug and can highly recommend it. The only downside  / negative that I have found is that you need both hands to move it from A to B, as there are no handles or grip holes at the back, for instance, which is a real disadvantage, as often I just want to move it from the dining room to the living room while holding Alex in my other arm, and this is proving really difficult. So if Mamas & Papas are looking to develop the range further, this would definitely be something to consider, but other than that, it’s a lovely seat for little’uns.

* Disclaimer: I bought the Mamas & Papas Baby Snug from my own money and was not asked to review it. But as I love reading honest opinions on other blogs, and genuinely found the seat a great addition to our baby equipment, I wanted to share it.  After all, sharing is caring *smiley face*.

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