10 Jan 2015

Weaning - First Steps

Earlier this week I gave weaning Alex a go. Lately, he has been insatiable, always seems hungry and still goes through a minimum of seven feeds a day (by now a mixture of breast and bottle, as I’m phasing breastfeeding out), so as he is now past the 24 weeks mark, it seemed like a good time to start.

I know there is a lot of hype about Babyled Weaning, but if I’m honest, I don’t know that much about it and thought I would start off with traditional weaning, as I did with Becky. Four years ago when Becky was little, BLW was also around, but it wasn’t as hyped as it’s now, and NHS guidelines were giving out advice on both methods, whereas now official recommendations are pretty much focused on BWL.

But still, I don’t exactly know what it is that doesn’t quite convince me when it comes to BWL – if I’m honest, as a self confessed control freak, I find the idea of leaving something like nutrition in the hands of a tiny baby a bit random, and I’m also very scared of Alex choking. Also, we eat a lot of spicy foods that aren’t necessarily suitable for babies (or easy to scoop out on a tray – hello Thai Curry!), so even the practicalities of it haven’t been so appealing to me.

So off I went and bought lots of bowls and little containers and baby porridge to start off traditionally. But Alex had other ideas. I tried him on some baby rice first, and the expression on his face (see below) said it all: utter disgust. Not defeated, I moved on to pureed carrots (he didn’t hate them, but he wasn’t convinced either) and then some rice pudding, which he didn’t seem to mind that much.

However, it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t seem to like the texture of the purees very much, nor the fact that I am coming at him with a spoon, and he tries to grab it and shove it in his mouth himself. Which made me think that maybe, instinctively, he does want to feed himself and that maybe the whole finger food idea and BLW ain’t so bad after all.

I gave him some broccoli, which, surprisingly, was a success. But we failed on sweet potato (didn’t even want to touch it), though a piece of cool cucumber seemed to go down well and help with his teething. Yesterday I tried some pasta (again, he seemed not bothered) and a bit of carrot (liked the taste, I think), but overall he doesn’t seem that interested in proper food either way, neither purees nor finger food.

It’s early days though, so I will just persevere and offer him bits here and there and see which route we eventually go down, probably a mixture of both.

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