11 Feb 2015

Alex - 6 Months

I know it’s a cliché, but I honestly can’t believe that Alex is six months already, almost seven, actually. As I’m writing this, he’s napping next to me on the settee, and I can’t stop looking at him and taking in all his gorgeous features, his little angelic face, chubby cheeks and cute subtle snore, with his mouth making small sucking movements as if he’s nursing in a milky dreamland.

He’s a right chunk by now, and long, too. I haven’t had him weighed in a while, so I’m not sure about how much he actually brings to the scales, but I think it’s easily along the 10kg mark and he has definitely caught up with his little mates, who initially were so much bigger than him (*note to self: must sort out weighing appointment asap*). I love all his folds in his chubby thighs and his round Buddha belly, and he just feels so solid and strong like a right little bruiser - typical boy and a complete contrast to Becky, who always was and still is just so petite and lean.

He loves attention and especially when I blow raspberries on his tummy or thighs, his giggles turn into the biggest of belly laughs, which just make me melt. He’s ticklish, too, and a little prod under his feet and his arms sets him off into fits of proper chuckles.

He’s a happy little dude and very rarely cries, though that’s not to say he doesn’t make himself heard. He’s developed this very noisy but extremely funny mix of  rrrrrraaaaaarrrrring and melodic gurgling which sounds like a crazy singalong, and when you listen carefully you can detect the first vowels. John and I have got a little secret competition going on whether he will say “Ma-ma” or “Da-da” first (Becky said “Da-da” and John is still smug about it, so I’m singing “Ma-ma” to him all the time so he gets the message. *Innocent face*. )

He’s nearly rolling over (he’s done it once or twice already, but his chunky bum and thighs are still holding him back a bit) and nearly sitting now, so I think it won’t be long before he’s mastered that skill, starts crawling and is off. His hand-eye coordination is brilliant, too, and he grabs anything in his sight and puts it in his mouth, so I’m having to be extremely vigilant about what is in his reach and make sure that he doesn’t choke on something, especially all the little toy parts that Becky leaves lying around everywhere.

Alex’s favourite toys at the moment are *drum roll* his feet, and he’s happiest when he can grab them and stuff his toes in his mouth. And he’s nosy, too, and doesn’t miss a thing, always looking around and taking in the world around him. You can tell he will be a clever little cookie like his big sister, who amazes us every day.

Unfortunately, he’s been teething badly for months now, and it seems to be really bothering him more and more. You can see how much pain he is in, with bright red and hot cheeks and lots of drooling. We’re trying some teething gels and powders, as well as the occasional dose of Calpol, but it doesn’t seem to help that much. I hope that his first teeth will make an appearance soon, as that’s the only thing that makes him miserable from time to time.

We’ve made a little bit more progress on the weaning front, too. He has gotten used to the sensation of a spoon in his mouth and has taken to some purees, though he definitely prefers sweet fruit purees to anything with vegetables or mashed up dinners. He’s also successfully devoured toast as his finger food, so we’re continuing on the route of combining traditional with baby-led weaning.

I’m soaking up every minute, and just want to hold on to this precious time while he is still a baby, because time really flies and sometimes I just want to scream “Slow down!”.

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