9 Feb 2015

Beach Bums

This weekend we visited John’s parents, who live in the gorgeous Brecon Beacons in Wales, and decided to make a little extra trip down to the coastal town of Porthcawl, around 45 minutes drive away.

We had originally planned to go a little bit further West and explore St. David’s, Fishguard and Haverfordwest and stay overnight there as it was John's birthday on Saturday, however, we decided against it in the end, as the logistics of lobbing around all the baby paraphernalia put us off a bit, as well as the cold weather, and it was easier just to do a little day trip instead. But we vowed to do this particular trip another time, maybe in spring or early summer.

So we headed down to Porthcawl, and even though it’s not the most spectacular place, we had a lovely couple of hours walking along the beach front, playing in the sand, and soaking up some fresh and cold sea air and some much needed sunshine.

Below are a couple of shots from our day.
I love the beach, even cold and frosty ones in Wales. There's something very calming about a huge expanse of water.
Wrapped up warm against the wind chill.
Obligatory family selfie minus the smally who was tucked up in his stroller.
Trying their luck. As if!
Somebody's enjoying her day trip.
No words, just love her.
Building sand castles.
"The cold never bothered me anyway!"
Cosy cuddles.
Cheesy as, but I don't care.


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