28 Feb 2015

My February 2015

These updates are fast becoming my favourite kind of posts. I love looking back at my months and reminding myself of all the small but precious moments and appreciating the little things. Corny, I know, but nevermind.

So here's the last month in pictures: 

1. A lovely trip to the beach for John's birthday. I love to be beside the seaside indeed. 

2. Cuddling up with Alex. This picture was taken after he had been really unsettled and struggled to nap as he was coming down with a bad cold. I snuggled up in bed with him and he quickly calmed  down and fell asleep - and me, too, beside him. 

3. Continuing my "fit-quest" and being really disciplined and active. I feel a bit better for it, but still have a long journey ahead.  

4. Admiring Alex'a grip as he pulls and grabs everything around him - including Daddy's hair. 

5. The best Valentine's Day present ever. Becky had made this card and heart shaped foot prints at pre school, and they melted our heart. John and I don't really do Valentines because we think it's a load of rubbish, but this was lovely. 

6. Out and about in the country side with the kiddos, enjoying some fresh air and our beautiful surroundings. 

7. Alex turned seven months and almost to the day exactly finally learned to roll over. He's been off ever since and rolling across the room. Have to start watching him like a hawk. 

8. Alex testing out his new Jumperoo and loving it. I can't get enough watching him bounce around and giggle. So cute. 

9. A nice lunch date with the hubby on my last day of maternity leave. Could sob into my pillow at the thought that one of the best times of my life is over. But c'est la vie, and all that. 

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