25 Mar 2015

Alex, 8 months

A lot has happened since I posted my update about Alex at six months. Only a few weeks have past, but in that time he has reached more big milestones. *Proud Face*

Firstly, about three weeks ago, when he was just a little over seven months, he learned how to sit by himself. He’d been doing well sitting in his babysnug or on our laps, or even on the couch, supported by lots of cushions, but not entirely by himself, until one day, I gently let go, and there he was, sitting up and looking rather pleased with himself. It took another few days before he gained confidence and sat up for longer than just a minute or so, but now he really enjoys the change of perspective and playing with his toys like a big boy. I just have to make sure I still put cushions behind him, because when he can’t be bothered sitting anymore, he simply flops himself back, and when I try to reposition him, he giggles and turns it into a repeat game, the little tinker!

He also cut his first teeth about a week ago, the bottom front ones, which has given him at least a little bit of respite from the teething pains.

I won’t go on about the chickenpox too much, you can read about that here, and it’s not really a milestone anyway, but illnesses have taken up a big part of the last month.

I can tell that Alex is desperate to get moving. When he’s on his belly, he's doing this funny forwards rocking and jigging thing, as if to get ready for take-off, and when he’s on his back, he’s doing a hilarious shuffle with his little legs and bum, which looks a bit like Riverdance, so I can’t quite work out yet whether he will be a crawler or a bum shuffler – maybe both?

Weaning is also going really well now. After a few hiccups in the beginning, he has turned into a good little eater overall (bar the little stint on penicillin, which put him off his food), and we are down to just three bottles a day, and three meals and snacks in between.

When we had him weighed a couple of weeks ago, he was 20lb 10oz and had gone from the 25th percentile to the 75th in the four months since his last weigh-in. My little bruiser is getting bigger, no doubt about it. And I’m savouring every moment – now that I’ve gone back to work, time seems even more precious and I’m trying to take in every bit of his development and ingrain it in my memory. 


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  1. Aww he's so adorable. And yay for sitting up unaided! It feels like just 2 minutes ago since I was putting cushions around Ethan trying to support him with his sitting and now he's a walking, running, crazy little toddler! x


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