9 Mar 2015

Chickenpox, tonsillitis, teeth and a return to work - sort of ...

So, the past week has been pretty crap, to put it mildly, which explains the lack of posts recently (and the fact that my laptop has been in repair for over a week now and is still not fixed – Boo!). 
My “triumphant” return to work … well, was a bit of a non-starter. First up, the Sunday before I went back, Becky came down with chickenpox, so had to stay home straight away - on my first day back. Bingo. 
At least I managed to get Alex off to nursery, for his first day, and whilst he had a great time there, he, too, came down with a virus and fever, as well as what turned out to be tonsillitis, and he, too, had to stay home for the rest of the week. Double Whammy. 
Straight up, I had to take days off to look after two sick children, no mean feat at the best of times. Luckily, Becky was good as gold and didn’t suffer too badly with it all, but poor Alex was really cranky and didn’t know where to put himself, and we had a couple of sleepless nights where he was just inconsolable.
Both kids are now on the mend, but - what do you know! -  I have come down with the lurgy and have been under the weather since Friday. It doesn’t seem to be getting better, either, but every day a little worse, and I think I have picked up Alex’s virus etc. *Poor me, I know. Get the violins out!*
On the plus side, despite having been ill, Alex has reached another milestone and is now sitting. A bit wobbly still, but nevertheless, he is managing to hold himself up, and when he doesn’t get distracted by something in his eyesight that he wants to grab, he is sitting nicely. So cute.
And, as of today, he's cut his first tooth! Very exciting! 
We’re also meant to be flying to Germany for a weekend this Friday for my best friend’s wedding, which I am extremely excited about. I just hope that we can all shake off these illnesses by then and actually manage to have a nice time. 
The image above shows my desk in my home office, trying to work while also seeing to the sick munchkins. Spot the signs that this is a working mummy’s desk – computer, notepads, magazines, phones … and the obligatory cuddly toy (Alex’s, not mine!).

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