23 Mar 2015

I'm back connected to the world!

It’s been three weeks since my laptop broke, and I feel like I’ve been completely disconnected from everything, including this blog. But I’m finally back up and running, yay! *Sighs with relief*.

So, it’s been a heck of a stressful few weeks. As with everything in life, when things go wrong or slightly awry, they go wrong and slightly awry all at the same time, and that’s what’s been happening recently.

As I said in my previous post, my return to work coincided with Becky getting chickenpox and Alex getting ill, too, and my first week after maternity leave was spent trying to get back into the swing of things whilst looking after two sick kids, which was stressful and then some!

The following week, the kids managed to go to nursery for a couple of days, but I got Alex’s virus and was feeling under the weather for most part of that week. Urgh. Luckily, we had something to look forward to that very weekend: the four of us headed back out to Germany for my best friend’s wedding (which was gorgeous and lovely, by the way, even though it was “only” the registry office part, as it will be followed with a church wedding next year).

I was kind of resigned to the fact that because Alex had been exposed to Becky’s chickenpox, he would most certainly get it, too; I was just hoping that it wouldn’t happen while we were travelling or were out in Germany. As my best friend is heavily pregnant, we decided not to take the risk anyway and left Alex at home with his excited grandparents and just took Becky to the wedding – she loved it (she was also asked to be the ring bearer and did an excellent job delivering the rings to the happy couple at the decisive moment – obviously I was bursting with pride!).

We were flying back on Sunday, and unfortunately on that day Alex started to be really unwell. He came down with 40 degrees fever, an unbelievable amount of snot, a nasty cough, and generally just looked a state. It was a pretty tough flight back!

So on Monday, I had to take yet another day off work and went back to the doctors who diagnosed him with tonsillitis (again!), this time quite a pussy and nasty one that required penicillin, and a chest infection, as well as another snot virus (yes, that’s the medical term). And by that afternoon, I discovered the first of many spots on his belly – he had additionally come down with the dreaded chicken pox. No wonder he had been so poorly and didn’t know what to do with himself, my poor munchkin!

He’s been really unwell all week, off his food, lots of loose nappies, lots of vomiting (I don’t think the penicillin agreed with his little guts), but bless him, he remained a happy chappy and didn’t complain at all.

In between, I’ve been trying to work, and, being on print deadline, this has not been an easy juggle act. Thankfully my maternity cover had taken care of the majority of my next issue for me, and it was a blessing, or things could have been even worse.

Alex is now better and his chickenpox are drying out, so hopefully I can draw a line under the last couple of weeks and just start afresh. My diary is already looking quite busy, so let’s hope that we can have a few weeks without illnesses and other dramas! 

The last few weeks have certainly reminded me how tough it is to be working full time and trying to do right by your babies and your job, and everything else. I hope it’ll get easier as things calm down and we’re all settling into our new routines. 

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