29 Mar 2015

Mummy and daughter day out

Yesterday Becky and I went to the cinema to see “Cinderella”. It was Becky’s first trip to the pictures, and she had been excited all week, asking me tons of questions about it and counting down the sleeps, and she even wore her Cinderella costume to make the experience extra special.

As John stayed at home to look after Alex, it was a pretty girly trip out, and it was lovely. It made me realise just how precious some one-on-one time with my beautiful daughter is and how needed it was, too (ok, technically it wasn’t just me and Becky, we did go with our friends Jeanette and Patrick and their daughter Maya, who is one of Becky’s best friends, but hey ho, you get the idea).

We usually try to do things as a family on a weekend, so the occasions where it’s just me and Becky are rare. And I suppose, as the older sibling, Becky has had to put up with quite a few changes since Alex has come along, going from only child to having to share her Mummy and Daddy with a little baby, and having to understand that I can’t always tend to her straight away or dedicate all my attention to her as much, especially in the early days when Alex was a newborn.

So I’ve made a little resolution, namely to make more mummy-and-daughter time and to go out with Becky, just her and me, more often – and once Alex is older, to do the same with him. For as much as we are a family and will always do things as a unit, we mustn’t forget to treat our kids as the individuals that they are. 

My beautiful "Cinderella". 

Stocked up with sweets and waiting eagerly for the movie 
(excuse the grainy picture, it's just an iPhone snapshot). 

Totally "in the zone". 



  1. Oh bless them, it's not nice for them is it?! And such bad timing with your first week back at work! Hope they're much better now. I loved reading about your girly trip out to the cinema, it's is so sweet and Becky looks so happy in the photos :) x

  2. They are, thank you, although Alex is teething badly so keeps having a temperature and a the sniffles a lot. The cinema was lovely, it was so nice to experience it with her. :-) x


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