23 Apr 2015

Daddy (*Warning* A bit of a soppy one)

John and I had been together for eleven years and married for one when we had Becky. In that time, we’d obviously spoken about having a family, how many kids we wanted, and what it would be like to be parents.

I’ve always known that John would be a good Dad. You just know, don’t you? It’s a gut feeling, an instinct, even if it’s just theory initially. And anyway, you wouldn’t be with that person if you thought otherwise, would you?

We share the same moral compass, the same values and ethics, and most importantly, the same sense of humour (which has got us through many a life situation), even though on so many other levels we are very different, but I guess opposites attract, and all that.

So now that we are parents, all these years down the line, it’s lovely to see for real what a great Dad John is.

In many ways fatherhood has come to him far more naturally than motherhood to me. Whereas I have struggled at times, not sure how to manage this massive task of raising kids, he’s just got on with it, like it’s the easiest thing in the world – bearing in mind that neither of us has been around children much, him even less than me!

While I’ve often been insecure in my own abilities and turned to all those parenting books on advice how you’re “supposed to” do things – which, in hindsight, have been utter crap – he just followed his instincts and done what felt right. And he turned out to be spot on in the process.

By now, four years into being Mummy and Daddy, we are both a lot more at ease with this parenting malarkey, but there are still times where I struggle to know what to do or how best to handle a situation, and where John is just a lot more natural at it than me.

I love watching him with the kids: when he levels with them, when he’s silly with them, laughs with them, jokes with them, throws them about, plays with them and when necessary, tells them off  (well, so far only Becky), calmly and fairly.

His relationship with Becky in particular is beautiful -  they are such good buddies, and she is an absolute Daddy’s Girl.

But before this post gets anymore soppy and has anyone reaching for the sick bucket, I’ll let pictures speak for themselves, with a few of my favourite images and snapshots of the last few months.



  1. What a beautiful post! You little girl is very lucky having two lovely parents. I love watching my girls interact with their dad too, it's such a special bond isn't it? xx

  2. Aw, thank you Morgana! Yes, it totally is a special bond, I just love watching them together. While Becky is totally Daddy's girl, my little boy Alex is totally Mummy's Boy (for now anyway), which I love, so at least it's all nice and equal. :-) xx

  3. Times with Daddy's are so special and mean the world to children. So many beautiful photos and words. Happy Father's Day! Thank you for linking up to #FathersDay2015

  4. Beautiful photos - love that final one and sounds like John is a wonderful Dad - my eldest is a little daddy's girl too and it is lovely to see that bond. Thank you for sharing with #FathersDay2015

  5. Lovely post and photos. I think men sort of just get on with things (including fatherhood), while we tend to over-think things ;) But I'm sure we're both doing a great job too! #FathersDay2015


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