30 Apr 2015

My April 2015

Overall April was a good and busy month, though once again it wasn't without its fair share of illnesses, this time mainly John and I, who have been battling recurring spells of tonsillitis and ear infections - courtesy of the kiddos. But other than that, we've had some lovely moments, so without further ado, here goes my month in pictures:

1. Spending Easter at Nanny & Granches in Wales and Becky enjoying her little Easter egg hunt. 

2. Becky winning the Easter bonnet competition at her nursery. I wonder who helped her create this stunning piece of millinery ... *Cough cough*

3. Alex getting his first taste of soft play, enjoying the ball pool for babies and taking it all in. He's such a chilled and happy child! 

4. Alex being a typical boy and loving playing with the Duplo blocks. He can spend ages bashing them and taking them in and out of the box - remarkable attention span for such a little one! 

5. A lovely trip to the beach, making the most of spring and the warmer weather and sunshine. 

6. Becky being accepted at our first choice primary school. We are so thrilled, and Becky so very excited, as this picture shows, especially when she tried on her friend's school uniform. 

7. Getting my hair done and going a bit bolder with a new balayage colour makeover. 

8. Alex turning nine months! Separate post to come, but he is looking so grown up lately, less and less like a baby! 

9. And my absolute favourite: More sibling bonding between Becky and Alex. He just adores her and breaks out in excited giggles whenever he sees her, and she is loving her baby brother so much now, calling him "my cutie" und kissing him all the time or stroking or tickling him. Nothing makes me happier and it means so much to me. 


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