28 Apr 2015

The Liebster Award

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by The Jo Diaries, which is very kind. Thank you, Jo! It’s a lovely way to get to know new blogs and bloggers, so here it is, my answers to Jo’s questions:

1. Your most favourite thing to watch on TV?
I’ve got quite an eclectic taste, so it’s a really random mix. To be fair, I don’t have much time to watch a lot of TV anymore, so the hubby and I mostly catch up on TV series on Netflix or DVD boxsets, and our most favourite things of all time have been the likes of The Wire, Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. 
However, my guilty pleasure is watching “mindless” stuff like Made in Chelsea now and again, when I’ve had a busy day and just want to switch off and not think or do anything *she says blushing slightly in embarrassment*. 
I actually really like watching the news, too, and Jon Snow from Channel 4 News is my all-time hero! Oh, and then there’s the German stuff I watch online, too, mainly catching up with the best German soap – Lindenstrasse, if anyone’s interested – that I’ve been religiously watching since I was seven years old, and a show called “Goodbye Deutschland” about German expats abroad, which is kind of fitting.

2. How do you decide what to blog about next?
I alternate between topics from an endless list that I have been collating while I was toying with the idea of launching a blog and which I keep adding to, and things that crop up in the week, e.g. if we’ve been somewhere nice, anything noteworthy has happened or if something is quite topical on that day / week.

3. Would you emigrate and where would you emigrate to? Why? (3 in 1!)
I’ve already emigrated from Germany to the UK thirteen years ago! I love the UK and at the moment we have no plans to up sticks and live anywhere else, but that’s not to say we never would. If an opportunity and good reason came up, we would maybe consider it, as neither John nor I have lost our sense of adventure, but it would have to be a very good one!

4. What is your biggest regret?
Not having  a brother or sister – not that I can or could have done anything about it. I’m an only child and hate it. But other than that, I try not to dwell on the past too much, though there are certainly things that I would have done differently. But hindsight is a wonderful thing, and you live in the moment and make decision in the moment that feel right there and then, so there’s probably little point in regrets.

5. Describe your perfect Friday night
Having a bath, a glass of bubbly, Netflix on the iPad and an early night with long, uninterrupted sleep. Rock ‘n’ roll!

6. If you could be anything or anyone you wanted, who/what would you be?
I don’t know whether there is anyone or anything in particular that I would like to be – there are lots of people I hugely admire for different reasons and traits. I think what I really would like to be is less self-critical and believe more in myself and my abilities. I’m quite a confident person in most life situations, but at the same time I am my own worst critic and can be very hard on myself, so I think I would like to be a more self-assured version of myself, if that makes sense.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes, absolutely. I think that love grows and intensifies over time, but I definitely think there is that instant attraction.

8. Your favourite season?
Spring - when everything starts to bloom, the sun is out and you have the feeling that the summer is still to come and the world is your oyster.

9. If you could live forever, would you want to and why?
Hmm, that’s a tricky one. I’m a bit torn over that one. I think if I could be healthy and fit forever, and my loved ones, too, then yes, maybe. It’d be curious to see how the world we live in develops, what other inventions there will be and what other adventures me and my family could get up to. 

10. What flavour ice-cream would you be?
Dark chocolate. I don’t really have a massive sweet tooth (though since I had kids my sugar cravings have definitely increased – must be the sleep deprivation!), but I do love a bit of dark chocolate. It’s a bit more edgy and intense than milk chocolate, and I’d like to think that that reflects me. *Geez, did I really just say that? Cringe. I clearly have to get out more!*

11. What are your favourite past times? (blogging not included)
One of the things I love about living in the UK is that you’re never too far from a beach, and I love trips to the seaside. Other than that, spending time with the kids of course *cough*, and watching a good movie or boxset with the hubby. I’m such a rebel, aren’t I? 

Well, that's that, me in a nutshell, I guess. And now for the fun part. I nominate the following: 

Here are your questions: 

1.       Which three female dinner guests would you invite and why?

2.       What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

3.       What prompted you to launch a blog?

4.       What’s your favourite tipple?

5.       Apart from your kids and family, what is the one thing you can’t live without?

6.       What are you most proud of?

7.       What’s the best and worst thing about motherhood?

8.       What are the top three things on your bucket list?

9.       What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

10.   What is your earliest / happiest childhood memory?

11.   What quote sums up you / your life philosophy?



  1. A lovely post! I'm with you on the dark chocolate, I went dairy free when O was younger and much prefer dark chocolate now! Thank you very much for nominating me, but I've already been nominated and written a post, if you're interested it's here: http://monkeyandmouse.co.uk/liebster-blog-award/

    1. Aw, no worries, Jenny, and thank you for reading mine! This was quite a lot of fun to do and a great way to connect with other bloggers!

  2. A great post and thanks for the nomination. I'll try and do it at some point this week. I love the design of your blog, it's lovely!
    Jemma x

    1. Aw, thank you so much, that's very kind! I look forward to reading your post - it was quite fun to do, actually! Let me know when you manage to do it, so I don't miss it! x

  3. Great post! I love reading new blogs and getting to know the person behind it too. Thankyou for the nomination :)

    Emma x

  4. You're welcome! I look forward to reading yours. Let me know when you managed to do it, so I can make sure I see it! Have fun! :-) x

  5. Great post hun, thank you for tagging me. I'm finally working on it now! :) x


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