20 Apr 2015

Weekend Trip To The Beach

This weekend we took another trip to the beach. I love the Great British seaside, it's definitely my kind of outdoors. And one of the things I love about living on this island is that you're never really too far away from a beach - well, at least in terms of driving distance. 

It was a warm day but quite windy, so it actually felt a lot more chilly than we anticipated, but luckily I had packed lots of layers, so it wasn't a problem. 

Becky and Alex enjoyed playing in the sand and building sand castles with Daddy, and Alex also had a go for the first time. And he even managed not to stick too much sand in his mouth! 

We didn't manage to take a shot of our whole family, which is a bit o a shame, but still, John managed to capture some lovely shots of the kids. Below are my favourites from the day. Becky is so much fun at the moment, and Alex is turning more and more into a little dude. 


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