6 May 2015

Alex, nine months

What can I say, my little man is nine months old. I know I say it every time, but I just can’t believe how quickly time is flying!

His top two teeth are now coming through, after his bottom ones cut last month, and he’s looking less and less like a baby and more and more like a toddler. Especially when he’s playing with his toys, all sat up, all tall and strong.

He’s a big boy, already much bigger and heavier than his sister was at his age, but we love that. Becky was all petite and delicate and a beautiful girly (still is!), while he is a big bruiser, and such a typical boy. 

He loves nothing more than bashing and banging and pulling things, and his hand/eye coordination is incredible for his age. We need to start buying him some proper boy’s toys and also some more challenging ones, as so far he mainly had baby toys, but he is visibly growing out of them really quickly. He loves putting stuff in and out of things, and playing with different shapes and textures, and we need to go on a big shopping haul and get him bits that will stimulate him and that he will enjoy more. 

He’s such a clever little cookie, so determined, and will not give up until he’s achieved what he wants to do, whether that is grabbing something that’s just that little bit out of reach, or working out how something functions, he’s got a remarkable resolve for his age!

He’s so perceptive and nosy, too, and doesn’t miss a thing, always looking around and taking things in and soaking up his surroundings. I often wonder what he must be thinking and how his little brain must be ticking away, making sense of the world.

His “speech” is really coming on, and he’s making the cutest noises, babbling away as if he’s engaging in conversation. I could listen to this all day, there’s literally no better sound.

He loves being at nursery, which is such a relief, and we’re being told daily what a good and happy boy he is and how he never cries. I think we started him just in the nick of time, before he developed separation anxiety, which is slowly starting, but because he is so used to the nursery setting – also because Becky goes there and I always took him with me to drop her off and pick her up – he settled in easily.

He thrives on attention and hates being on his own, and over the last few weeks we have noticed that he protests vehemently when one of us pops out of the room, and he also doesn’t want to be alone in his cot when we put him down for the night; it’s the only time he will properly cry if we try to leave the room. So lately, one of us has to stay with him in the bedroom until he falls asleep, or lie down next to him in our bed and then transfer him once he’s nodded off. I don’t know whether he’s now aware that he is on his own in the bedroom, or whether he’s scared of the dark. But either way, we don’t mind. He’s still so young after all, and any excuse to get some extra cuddles is fine with us.

I thought last month that he would start crawling soon, but after making all the right moves initially and looking like he was about to launch himself, he has now stopped and is making no real attempts at getting a move on – at least not on all fours. It’s just as well, as once he’s off, we will really have our work cut out keeping him out of mischief! 

He does get from A to B though by rolling across the room and in all sorts of variations, and often gets himself in the most curious of positions and angles.

He likes standing up when we hold him or prop him against the couch, and he looks very pleased with himself and the change of perspective. Who knows, maybe he will just go straight to walking, rather than crawling? We’ll have to watch this space … 

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