29 May 2015

Alex, ten months

So, Alex is ten months old now. He’s looking less and less like a baby, and more and more like a toddler, especially when he’s wearing his super cute mini jeans and little arrow shirt, teamed with a cap – he’s such a dude!

He’s developing at such rapid pace. He’s become even more observant and nosy; nothing escapes him and he wants to see and grab and pull and taste everything. We have to be really on our guard all the time, because he is just so quick and his reflexes are so fast.

And he is so solid and strong! When he pulls my hair, it really hurts, or when he grabs my glasses, I fear every time that they are broken.

He’s started to say “Mama” now – yay! That means I have officially won the little competition between John and I over what he would say first (Becky said Dada first and boy, don’t I know it, as John always rubs it in, hehe). It’s so cute when he says it, my heart melts every time.

He’s still not showing any signs of crawling – he just doesn't seem bothered. Instead, he’s rolling around everywhere and has now started to stand up really well and very solidly, holding on to tables or cupboards or sofas or anything else his height. And he can stand like that for quite a while without falling on his bum, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he skips crawling altogether and just starts to walk from one day to another. But who knows, we’ll have to see.

He's such a happy little chappy - total cliche, I know, but it's true. He hardly ever cries, literally only when something is really really up, and other than that he just smiles and laughs all the time or totally thrives on attention. 

Recently, he's had a bit of bother from teething again, and he’s had this virus for weeks now, too. Apparently it’s turned into an upper respiratory tract infection now, which makes him all gunged up and slimy and snotty, including his eyes, so I really hope it’ll pass soon because it’s been ages now and it's wearing him down. 

We’re currently in Germany spending some quality time with my family, and it’s really relaxing and blissful. My parents are doting on their grandkids and just can’t get enough of them - and I get to relax a bit – win win *smug face*.

It’s lovely to see how happy having grandkids has made my parents – and I couldn’t be prouder of Becky and Alex and just how gorgeous they are. 

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