31 May 2015

My May 2015

May has been a lovely month. In fact, May is one of my favourite months of the year, not only because it’s the month we got married in, but it’s also the best time of the year - still spring but so close to summer, with the promise of a whole season of sunshine ahead and often glorious weather to boost (ok, this wasn’t so much the case this year, but hey ho). And besides, May offers two Bank Holidays – what’s not to like, ey? So, here goes my round-up:

1. Our old friends from uni who now live in Cambridge visited us for the first Bank Holiday weekend. For some reason and rather scarily, we hadn’t seen them in three years (!), and we’ve all had second kids and lots to catch up on, so it was great to have a whole weekend of fun and laughter. We showed them around John and I took the opportunity for a gratuitous selfie.

2. Becky and Alex have been just a dream sibling team. I’ve said it before (and probably will repeat myself to death on this), but I love watching their little bond blossom. Becky is so affectionate with Alex now, and he is just lapping it up and rewards her with huge smiles and giggles. This will always be a special experience for me.

3. Alex has been on and off poorly for most of the month, struggling with a viral infection and upper respiratory tract infection, so we’ve been having lots of cuddles and he’s been falling asleep on me loads. I’m not gonna lie – I’ve loved it. I’m so acutely aware how fast time is passing and that soon he will be too big and won’t want to be cuddled to sleep, so I’m lapping it up while it lasts.

4. We went to Wales for a weekend to visit John’s family and because they live bang in the middle of the beautiful Brecon Beacons we took the opportunity to have a little walk around and soak up a bit of nature and the beautiful surroundings.

5. It was our sixth wedding anniversary this month. I love looking back on that day and our wedding album. Whilst I absolutely hate most pictures of myself, there is something about our wedding pictures that I do absolutely love. We had a small and intimate do, just with our loved ones and good friends, and it was perfect.

6. This shot will be my happy place forever. The kids and I were goofing around one evening and John took this shot of us cuddling together, laughing and Alex grabbing my face to give me one of his sloppy kisses. I can’t stop smiling when I look at it.

7. We’re in Germany with my family at the moment and Alex, who turned ten months this month, has learned how to stand up by himself and is currently also trying to pull himself along anything he can grab. *Proud face*.

8. We went to the zoo with my parents and it was lovely to spend such quality time together. When you live abroad, time together is even more precious, especially when you see your parents getting older.

9. Alex has been enjoying his food lots. He is a gorgeous, chubby little chubster and lately has really taken an interest in what we eat. He will make it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want baby food, but that he wants to eat what we eat, and is only satisfied once we share our dinner with him. In this picture he is devouring a big potato wedge – of course it didn’t just land in his mouth, but everywhere else, too. 


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