16 May 2015

Siblings - May '15

I’ve documented here our rather tricky start to our sibling journey, but I am so happy to report that things are going from strength to strength and Becky has become the model big sister that I always hoped she would be.

She has become so affectionate with Alex, it’s so lovely to see. Whenever she’s around him, she will hug him or give him a little kiss, play with him or pass him some toys, or tickle him, pull funny faces and make him laugh. She’ll praise him if he’s done something clever, and she makes sure that he doesn’t bump into things or fall off when he’s on the couch or wiggling on his playmat. And every night she helps me bath him and dress him, carefully closing the buttons on his sleepsuit one by one while telling him “good boy Alex”.

I’m so proud of her. There was a point when I really doubted whether Alex and Becky would ever become close, and I am so glad that we got there.

Alex, too, is totally besotted with her. You can tell that he already looks up to his sister; he will always look around to see where she is and what she is doing and he always beams at her when she pays him attention.

I love watching their relationship prosper and to catch those lovely, precious moments.

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