23 Jun 2015

Alex, eleven months

Alex turned eleven months over the weekend. He’s made such a huge developmental leap over the last few weeks. He’s suddenly a proper little boy and his personality is really coming through each and every day.

He’s such a content and happy little chappie, always smiling and giggling, and he LOVES attention (which we’re all more than happy to pay him, of course!).

Since he learned to crawl just over a week ago, he’s been unstoppable. He’s picking up speed every day, too, and if we’re not careful and watch him every second, he’s off! It’s so cute, that little shuffle and waddle with his little bum as he moves forward. I can’t stop marveling at how mobile he suddenly is. He’s very pleased with himself, too, being able to go wherever he wants – well, until Mummy or Daddy pick him up again and place him back where he started!

He also loves to stand up, and wants us to hold him up all the time; he clearly enjoys the change of perspective. And he’s also started cruising, a little tentatively still, holding on to the sofa or the table, but pulling himself along nonetheless.

Nothing is safe from him, literally, he pulls out drawers and picks up everything that’s lying around – he’s so nosy and curious, and so so determined. He will not give up until he has reached his item or place of interest and has at the very least given it a good lick and prod. I often wonder what he must be making of all that he sees and feels and tastes.

He is super funny, actually; he proper makes us laugh, and he knows it. He’s become very aware of what he enjoys but also what John, me and Becky find funny, and he will repeat it until we’re all falling over laughing, and he’s laughing with us. For instance, he’s started this hilarious thing where he will just headbang repeatedly and squeal in delight. It’s kind of weird, but also absolutely comical. And the more we laugh, the more he does it. I think he will be a little clown in the future.

He’s a little Mummy’s Boy (at this age that’s still allowed, right? It’s ever so cute!) and we’ve got this little routine going where he gives me sloppy kisses after his night-time bottle – he’ll be grabbing my face and pulling it towards him and just plonks these cute – but very slimy – kisses and his mouth on my cheeks. I’m not going to lie, I love it, it’s the highlight of my day!

It’s so fascinating how such a little person already knows his own mind and can communicate exactly what he wants and what he doesn’t want. Speaking of communication – he has been saying “Ma-ma” and “Da-da” for a while, and he is adding an array of super cute vowel sounds and other noises and coos all the time. I could listen to him all day. Must remember to video it sometime, as it’s just the best.

I can’t believe that the next time I will be writing his update, he will be a year old. One whole year! 

Slow down time! Please!

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  1. aww he is adorable! this is one of the ages I love the most when their little personalitys are shining through and they are just becoming a little bit more there own person! lovely post xx #sharewithme

  2. Thank you Helen! It's my favourite age, too, which is why I'm so sad that it's all going so fast! But lots more fun to come! xx

  3. The time goes so fast! Woodie is over 9 months now and I just don't know where the time went. Lovely post xxx #sharewithme love Noah & Girls

  4. Ahh time really does fly by and they grow up so fast. Lovely photo so cute sounds like its' going fast for you too. My baby just turned two I still am in denial. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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