25 Jun 2015

Review: Nemo & Giraffe

Becky loves books, which makes me very happy. I have always been a bookworm myself, from early childhood, and I love that my daughter seems to be sharing this passion. I have been reading to her ever since she was a little baby, and every night without fail we read a bedtime story. Sometimes Daddy joins in and does all sorts of funny voices, which Becky thinks is absolutely hilarious. 

Reading is therefore a special bonding time for us. By now she has acquired a nice selection of books and stories, both in English and German as we alternate between languages, as well as those we pick in the library.

So I was very pleased when I was asked to review a delightful new children’s book, Nemo & Giraffe.

The story is based around a little cat called Nemo, an indoor kitten who is also a bit of a scaredy cat, frightened of loud noises, strangers, the barking dog next door and hissing cats outside. Nemo’s best friend, however, is Giraffe, and they are inseparable; playing together, having adventures together and always being there for each other.

Nemo & Giraffe is written by Lee Hunter, a professional childminder from Elgin, Scotland, who took inspiration from her real-life cat Nemo and her daily challenge to teach the children she looks after to be considerate of Nemo and his feelings.

In the book, which has been beautifully illustrated by Lindy Damen, vividly bringing the characters of Nemo and the little giraffe to life, the friendship between the two takes centre stage and is lovingly narrated, teaching a valuable life-lesson about friendships and camaraderie, and that best friends come in all forms, even if they seem an unlikely pairing at first, like Nemo and Giraffe.

It’s a very sweet book and Becky loved it. She adores cats, so the story really resonated with her, as it’s well written and engaging. It was sweet to see how much empathy Becky had for Nemo when he was scared of everything around him, and she completely “got” the sentiment of the story.

I can thoroughly recommend the book, as it’s not only a lovely little story, but has a great message, too. 

The book is available on Amazon as a paperback as well as Kindle Version. 

* Disclaimer: I was sent the book for the purpose of the review, but all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Hi, I love this book review! It's a book I haven't seen before so I will be looking out for it!! Also Thankyou for the comment on my fairy doors post. I just wanted to let you know that there is a whole series of Mini makes there you might enjoy with your little fairy lover! x

  2. Aw, thank you for the tip! I will check it out. She loves fairies, so anything like that will be totally up Becky's street! xx


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