30 Jul 2015

My July 2015

So, we’re racing through the second half of this year, and another month is ticked off the calendar. Sigh. July has been quite busy and eventful, in a non-eventful kinda way, if that makes sense. A lot has been happening and lots was going on, but nothing particularly dramatic or momentous, apart from Alex’s first birthday, of course. But more on that below. So, here we go, my highlights of July 2015:

1. Alex having his first ice-lolly with Daddy, who generously shared with him while pulling funny faces and making him giggle.

2. Having some family time and lots of cuddles and tickles on the sofa. I love it when we’re just being us and spontaneous, and just having fun as a family (btw, Becky is somewhere in the picture, too, squeezed between me and John, you can just about make out her dress).

3. Alex becoming obsessed with the washing machine. He’s so fascinated by the spin cycle and now gravitates towards the washing machine as soon as I put him down. Very cute, but also a bit strange.

4. Having a great time at the summer fete at Becky’s future primary school earlier this month. We met up with lots of our friends and Becky’s mates, and just had a relaxed and lovely summer afternoon in the sun.

5. Becky and Alex playing together - lots (or make that, Becky sitting on Alex and generally manhandling him, not that he minds!). As Alex is getting increasingly mobile and independent, he’s clearly also a lot more fun to hang around with - at least as far as Becky is concerned -  and she is making more and more effort to play with him.

6. My new, relaunched magazine being finally published after several months of work on finalising the structure and new design.

7. Alex’ bad spell of illness, with virus after virus gripping him this month. Him, and eventually me, too. I really hope we can get through the next few months without any further nasty bug attacks.

8. Out and about with the kids (and our Mummy and Daddy friends) on sunny evenings. That’s what summer is all about.

9. Alex turning 1 – undoubtedly the main highlight of this month, even though he was still quite ill on the day and things did not go as planned. Oh well, c’est la vie, as they say. 


28 Jul 2015

Sleep Training

Ever since Becky was three months old, she was a brilliant little sleeper. Before that, she had colic for the first 12 weeks of her life, and it was HORRID. She didn’t sleep at all and cried for 18 to 20 hours a day, and it nearly sent John and I over the edge; it was literally the worst.

But once we overcame this, months of lovely, full night’s sleep ensued, with Becky snoozing soundly from 7.30pm to 6.30am the next morning, sometimes even longer. It was bliss.

Until that is, she turned ten or eleven months old. I don’t know whether it was a developmental stage and the fact that she needed less sleep, but getting her off at night suddenly turned problematic. She would refuse to fall asleep, and instead just stand up in her cot and complain, and the only way to actually get her off to the land of nods was to take her into our bed, lie with her - often anything between 40 minutes and an hour - wait until she was sleeping soundly, and then carefully transfer her back to her own cot – while desperately trying to avoid waking her up, which more often than not failed, and we had to do the same procedure again.

It was draining, time consuming and exhausting, and something had to happen. I had read about and been aware of the so called sleep training method, often also referred to as “controlled crying”, but I was really not keen on the thought of letting my daughter cry it out until she fell asleep by herself. In fact, I was really dubious about it, and not entirely convinced that it would work. It felt pretty mean and against all my parental instincts and whatever literature or forums I was reading on it, it had as many critics as supporters.

However, Becky’s sleep pattern became so difficult, that eventually we decided to give it a go. I was quite nervous about it. I’m neither in the Gina Ford camp of parenting, nor an attachment parent - I would like to think that we have quite a balanced and moderate style of parenting, so the crying method did seem a little dubious and was unchartered territory and a bit of an experiment for us.

I’m not going to lie – the first night was horrible. We did everything by the book, followed Becky’s normal routine with bath time and bedtime story, but instead of taking her upstairs into our bedroom, we put her down in her cot, gave her a kiss goodnight and walked out of her room.

As expected, Becky went berserk. She was crying and wailing and shouting and standing up in her cot, and it was absolutely awful. As I was downstairs, listening to her sobs and waiting for the appropriate time to pass before we would go back in to assure her we were still there – you start with two minutes, then go back after five, then ten, then twenty, and double it each time until they fall asleep – I, too, was bawling. The only thing stopping me from not going back in and picking her up was the fact that I knew she was safe and that no harm would come to her from crying.

Luckily, the sleep training method actually works – well, at least it did for us. On the first night it took 40 minutes before Becky fell asleep, on the second it was just under 15 and on the third night she moaned for a couple of minutes – but was much, much calmer overall – before falling asleep soundly, and we never had a sleep issue ever again (obviously apart from infrequent things like a brief stage of night terrors or illness), to this day.

So whilst this method may not be for everyone, it did the trick for us, and I know many of my friends who also did it, and it worked for them, too.

Recently, Alex went through a similar stage at a very similar age to Becky back then. It must have been around the nine or ten month mark, too, when he started to not fall asleep during his night time bottle and be awake when we put him down in his cot. And equally, after a while he began to cry as soon as we were leaving the room.

Initially, his cries were so heart-breaking and he seemed genuinely terrified of being on his own that we refrained from doing sleep training with him. It was clear that his cries were genuine upset, and that he was not ready for this. So we did what we did with Becky, we’d lie with him in our bed, cuddle him, until he fell asleep soundly. Luckily, it rarely took him longer than 15 minutes, and I’ll be honest, I actually loved the cuddles.

But over time, as we continued to try putting him down on his own, his cries became less heartfelt and emotional and more like protest chants – they do have quite a range of cries and noises, haven’t they? – and his falling asleep time took longer and longer, so that, a couple of months ago, we decided to do sleep training with him, too.

Same method, only that he pretty much fell asleep after twenty minutes or so, and it took four days until he had learned to settle himself.

Having a good bedtime routine and to be able to get the kids off to sleep at a predictable hour is important to both John and I. We are both quite busy on an evening, often catching up with work (or blogging), or just trying to relax and have some time to ourselves, which is what keeps us sane. We’re happy to bend the rules on occasion and let the kids stay up longer when we have plans or are out, as it’s important to be flexible now and again, but overall, a solid sleep time is vital to us. And the sleep training method has helped us achieve this.

Now, apart from those times when Alex is ill, during which time we just go with the flow and react to his needs, he is pretty great at falling asleep in his cot on his own, no crying or moaning or anything.

And we now have two children who sleep happily – and Mummy and Daddy have their evenings, too. Win win.

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26 Jul 2015

My Sunday Photo - 26th July 2015

This photo was taken earlier in the week on Alex’s first birthday. We’d had to cancel his birthday party last Sunday because he was so ill with a bad virus, and on his actual birthday on Tuesday he was still very much under the weather and very very subdued. Not even the chocolate cake - which he preferred to smear all over himself, the table, the plates, the high chair and the table decorations than eat – could make him smile. Still, we tried to make the most of it and celebrate our little man’s big day.


23 Jul 2015

Alex, 12 months

So, Alex turned one earlier in the week, so what more appropriate time than now to write his 12 months update. I’ve been looking through all the pictures I took over the last few weeks, and actually there are very few pictures of him smiling, which is so not like him.

He’s had a bit of a rough ride of late; he’s been ill a lot this month, with various gastro bugs and other viruses causing him much bother, and he’s still not quite over the pretty harsh virus he caught over the weekend. It really knocked him for six, and he still has a viral rash all over his body and is quite subdued and serious. I really hope he gets his mojo back, soon, as I miss my smiley and happy little boy, whose giggles and laughs are so contagious.

Ever since he started crawling, he’s been unstoppable, and he’s picking up speed every day. He whizzes from room to room super fast, and when we’re not careful, he’ll pull out drawers, and pick stuff up that he’s not supposed to, or grab or bash things etc. I’m not going to lie, it’s quite intense, as we really can’t take our eyes off him – I had forgotten just how full-on this phase is. I’m perpetually knackered, but it’s also really sweet and endearing to see how he’s discovering the world, so worth every bit of exhaustion.

He’s not making any attempts at walking yet, which is just as well, because a) that would be even more intense, and b) I’m still enjoying that last bit of baby stage, before he turns into a bona fide toddler, so there’s no hurry there. He loves standing up though, and will take every opportunity to pull himself up and get a change of perspective. 

His personality is really developing now, it’s lovely to see. He’s bright as a button, and very nosy and observant. He’s also extremely determined and will not give up when he really wants something, even – or especially – when it’s something he’s not supposed to have and we pull him away. He will forever try to go back, and he won’t take no for an answer. It’s exhausting, but I also actually admire his resolve and sheer willpower! The only downside is that he, well, really doesn’t take no for an answer – in fact, whenever I say “no” or “nein” (in German) to teach him that he’s not allowed something, he just giggles. He finds “no” and my “serious face” hilarious, which could become a bit of a problem in the future. Hmm. I think he might be spending a lot of time on the naughty step in the future, hehe. 

He’s actually hilarious, so funny.  I think he’s going to have a great sense of humour, probably quite cheeky. He’s already a bit naughty, I’m pretty sure he knows it, too, and is already starting to test his boundaries, so we have a lot more of this to come.

He’s also recently cut his fifth tooth, and a sixth one is coming through, I believe, which has added to his health woes lately. I really hope we’ll have an ill-ness, bug and virus-free month now, and we get our vivacious little boy back. 


21 Jul 2015

Alex's First Birthday

So here it is, the day has come, it really is Alex’s first birthday! I think I’m still a bit in denial, I can’t believe that exactly 12 months ago I was giving birth to this gorgeous little boy, who has made our little family complete and the last year one of the best of my life.

I will try and not dwell on the melancholy too much and just celebrate our beautiful, bouncy little boy.

Here is his first year in some of my favourite pictures. 

Happy birthday Alex!!!!

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19 Jul 2015

Cancelled Plans

This weekend we had lots of plans. There was a great village festival going on where we live, where the whole community comes together once a year, with food and drink stalls, bouncy castles, games, music, dance and lots of other activities, as well as fireworks at night to finish off the day.

And because it was also Alex’s birthday weekend, we had planned to throw him a little birthday picnic with a couple of our friends and their kids. It was meant to be an action packed weekend full of fun. I’m not even going to mention the great, outdoorsy photo opportunities – especially, for once, of the four of us together – I was envisaging *such a blogger cliché, right?*.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel it all, because Alex got ill - again. 

When we picked him up from nursery on Friday evening, he was already flushed with a high temperature and looked quite sedated, not the usual chirpy little boy who instantly comes crawling to us, giggling and bouncing because he’s seen his Mummy and Daddy. He just sat there, looking very sorrowful and languid. 

We took him home and gave him our trusted Calpol, and after an epic puke which went literally everywhere, he went to bed, only to be waking and tossing and turning a lot throughout the night, with a high temperature.

On Saturday he got rapidly worse, and all day he was vegged out, mostly on me, drifting in and out of sleep every half an hour or so, and his temperature remained on a consistent 39.8 degrees, even though I was giving him alternating Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, and he had bad diarrhoea. 

He was bright red all over, literally boiling up, and he developed a rash on his chest and belly throughout the afternoon. We rang the out of hours doctors, but by the time they rang back, we decided it was too late to drag him out into a clinic and that he would probably be better off sleeping.

We had quite a rough night though, and I took him to the doctors this morning, who confirmed that he has a nasty virus and that his little body is doing its best to fight it. I’m supposed to give him a higher dose of Paracetamol and lots of fluids, but apart from that, there isn’t much that we can do for him.

I feel really sorry for him. He’s only just got over the illness last week. He’s otherwise such a bouncy and chunky and healthy boy, I don’t know why he is so prone to picking up every virus going. 

It’s really a case of “pass the bug” in our house at the moment. It’s a week when I’ve been feeling rough and ropey, too, having been diagnosed with two separate infections and been given a double dose of antibiotics to take, so it’s been all far from fun. And it’s always when I’m either on deadline at work, or it’s the weekend – there’s a pattern emerging there!

Anyway, I digress. I can’t say that I’m not gutted about cancelling his party. I had been planning it for weeks, it was supposed to be a cute pirate theme, and the weather was actually glorious all day, too, and it would have been the perfect day for a picnic. Not to mention the amount of party food I bought!

Nevermind, I guess that’s life with kids. We’ll have to reschedule his picnic and make the most of his actual birthday this week. Hopefully he’ll feel better then.

And we’ll be munching a ton of party food for the next few days. Mini sausage rolls for dinner, anyone? 

#My Sunday Photo - 19th July 2015

This picture was taken in the week, when Alex was being a bit of a monkey, crawling everywhere and manically pulling out everything and anything, including all his toys from the toy box. John and I were saying that we’ll probably need a playpen – so I just took Alex and placed him in his toy box for a giggle. He thought it was funny, too! 


18 Jul 2015

Becky's Artwork

This blog is first and foremost a space for me to document my kids' development and their milestones, and one of the memories I definitely want to keep is of Becky’s artwork.

Her favourite pastime is drawing, crafting and being creative – she definitely has that from her Daddy, who has a background in Fine Art – and she is very good at it.

In fact, for a four-year-old, she is incredible (I’m very subjective, of course, but I don’t think I’m off in my judgement).

Every day she brings home and array of drawings and crafted things from pre-school, and they are getting better and better, and more intricate and accurately observed. I try to keep most of her artwork, but I obviously can’t keep it all, because we’d need a house extension soon – John always laughs at me that I fancy myself as some kind of art critic and am already censoring the quality of our daughter’s work, ha! I guess there’s a bit of truth in that, but let’s not go there *ahem*.

Anyway, so this post is dedicated to some of Becky’s recent master-pieces, which I think are just beautiful.

This is our family. Becky on the right, then Mummy and Daddy, who's holding Baby Alex in his car seat. So cute!

This is Becky (middle) and her best friends Maya T (left) and Austina (right). So accurately observed and interpreted, the hair colour and hair styles and everything. 

The picture above and below are princesses. There is a definite theme here - she just loves drawing princesses and fairies! 

This is Queen Elsa from Frozen. Pretty obvious, right? 

And Princess Anna and snow man Olaf from Frozen. 


15 Jul 2015

#Siblings - July 2015

When I wrote earlier in the year about how it took Becky nearly six months to grow into her role as a big sister and embrace having a younger sibling (you can read all about it here), I could have never foreseen how just a few months down the line my two little monkeys would be thick as thieves and have the most beautiful relationship.

Becky is now the best big sister. She is caring and affectionate, and proud of him, dare I say it, as wherever we go and anyone is showing an interest in Alex, she will be quick to point out that Alex is her baby brother.

Ever since he started crawling and has been a lot more mobile than previously, sticking his little nose and fingers where he isn’t supposed to, she’s become a little teacher, telling him that he isn’t allowed to do this, or that, she shows him how to press his various musical toys, or removes any objects he isn’t supposed to have. And she praises him lots, saying “Good boy” when he’s done something clever such as learned to give high fives.

She never seems to tire singing ”Row row row your boat” with him (including doing the actions), or “Wind the bobbin up” and so on, which he loves and has him in fits of giggles. She is now a lot more confident about being physical with him and picking him up and wobbling him about and giving him cuddles, which she didn’t do much before.

First thing in the morning, she will go up to him, give him a big hug and pull funny faces at him, and immediately has him beaming and in stitches. And she will kiss him goodbye at nursery and often insists on picking him up together from the baby room.

She is showing remarkable patience with him, too, even when he bashes down her Lego constructions or rips her drawings or pops her balloons. She just takes it in her stride and tells me that he is a baby and doesn’t know what he’s doing yet. And she’s learned to share, not just her ice-lolly, as in the picture above.

Alex in turn absolutely adores her. You can tell. He’s always looking for her in the room, carefully observing what she does and vies for her attention, and now that he is on the move, he’s always crawling after her to see what she is doing and wanting to play.

He gives her the biggest of smiles and he’s visibly over the moon when it’s reciprocated.

I’m loving watching them together and witnessing how they are developing as brother and sister. It’s fascinating to see the dynamic between them and how it continues to change and evolve. 

dear beautiful

14 Jul 2015

Introducing TIBA + MARL

My changing bag is my ultimate Mummy essential. It holds everything I need to carry around for my little kiddos, and I use it day in, day out. For me, my changing bag has to be both functional but also fashionable – after all, it often replaces my actual handbag, so I do like it to look quite nice, too.

I’ve had the same changing bag for over four years now, the Amanda holdall by Babymel. I bought it a couple of months after I had Becky, after I went through two or three other - some significantly higher priced - bags first, which were either too heavy and bulky, or too functional and not stylish enough, or just stylish, but not functional at all.

I eventually bought the Amanda, and I have to say, I have loved it ever since. I bought the plain black, pleated edition, and it’s been my trusted companion for the last four years. It’s been with me on all sorts of air, train and car journeys and adventures, and survived a number of leaks and spills and unidentifiable things which have been accumulating in its bottom.

But lately, I have been noticing a bit of wear and tear, and I have been toying with the idea of buying a new one. Possibly another Amanda, because, to be truthful, I haven’t come across any other brand or bag that I have loved as much and that has ticked all my boxes.

Until that is, I came across new UK label TIBA + MARL. It’s a new launch and the brainchild of former Topshop bag buyer Anna Tizard and previous Kurt Geiger shoe designer Lydia Barron, who are launching their range of fashion inspired changing bags in September.

The pair are both obsessed with detail, and having each amassed years of experience in the industry, their designs are certainly bang on the money. The contemporary collection of changing bags combines modern graphic prints, premium and high-tech materials with stylish and practical design. Each bag comes with a co-ordinating clutch which is water-resistant and a cross-body strap, which can be used for storing wet items or as a separate little bag. 

It’s a collection that is spot on for carrying all the baby essentials around, but also has a life beyond as it holds its own as a stylish accessory for child-free days, too.

The debut collection features sporty backpacks, stylish tote bags, modern satchels, chic holdalls as well as the signature nappy changing clutch. All TIBA + MARL bags come with features such as luxury padded changing mat, insulated bottle holder, smart phone pocket, iPad pocket, key fob, removable wet clutch or cross body bag, wipe clean lining, internal zip pocket, four extra pockets, a cross body strap, clips to attach the bag to buggy, elasticated bottle / toddler cup holder, double zip pulls for easy access and metal feet on base as standard. Phew. Looks like Tizard and Barron really have everything covered there.

Prices start from £35 for the changing mat clutch to £115 to £120 for nylon and faux leather styles, and £220 for premium leather bags. The collection will be available on the brand’s website, www.tibaandmarl.com in September. If you’re super keen, you can already put your name down on the waiting list, which is live on the site.

I might just have to have me one of these. After all, it’s a Mummy essential, right?  


12 Jul 2015

Weekend Jollies

Yesterday we went to the summer fete of the school Becky is going to go to in September. It was held on the school’s vast grounds, and nearly everyone in our village who has got kids at the school or whose kids are going to start this year, or is otherwise associated with the school was there, and we met up with a bunch of our friends and their kids and enjoyed the sunny and warm day. 

It was a lovely afternoon full of fun and games, and Becky had a hoot, running round with her friends, enjoying the bouncy castle and wealth of games and activities that were on offer.

John and I, meanwhile, enjoyed a cheeky Cider in the afternoon sun and caught up with our friends. And Alex? Well, Alex had lots of fun, too, crawling around the grass, grabbing everything he could get his little hands on and trying to make a run for it whenever he thought we weren’t looking. He’s such a little handful, but very very cute at that, so he’s forgiven! 

Becky is so cuddly and sweet at the moment. I could literally eat her! 

Alex managed to snatch one of Becky’s lollies and wouldn’t let go of it for the rest of the afternoon. He was working hard trying to bite through it, you can see the look of concentration on his little face. 

He loved the blow up palm tree that was left near the bouncy castle and tried his hardest to pop it with his teeth. Didn’t quite manage it though, thank Goodness! 

Becky and her friends had fun riding the trikes and various other toy ride-ons. I think they were meant for the toddlers, but hey ho. 

Meanwhile, Alex had his first go in one of the little toy cars, too, and he loved it. He felt very pleased with himself as he managed to stay put on the seat and not fall off, while Mummy was pushing him along and Daddy was trying to video it. 

A little snapshot of my two monkeys. Alex is giving me another one of his sloppy kisses – he loves doing it (and I love getting them!). 

Let's Talk Mommy

#My Sunday Photo - 12th July 2015

This was taken yesterday during our visit to a summer fete at the school Becky will be going to in September (more in a separate post). I was trying to feed Alex while he preferred to climb on me, while Becky joined in, turning Mummy into a climbing frame. 

Little moments of bliss and pure happiness. 


9 Jul 2015

My Little Lady

I talk a lot on here about Alex, mainly because his development is still so rapid and tangible. But that’s not to say that Becky doesn’t equally amaze me day in, day out, so this post is dedicated to her.

Becky is 4 1/2 years old now. She's going to school in September. Wow. I still can’t quite believe it, even when I say it out loud. It’s gone so fast, and soon my little girl will be a big girl, a school girl. And even though I say and accept this with a heavy heart, I know deep down that she is ready. She's so excited about the prospect of being at school, and she keeps asking me every day how many sleeps until September!

I’ve been a bit melancholic lately, with Becky starting a new chapter in her life, and Alex turning one in a couple of weeks, it seems like my babies are growing up before my eyes, and I struggle to keep up, or maybe even refuse to keep up to a degree.

I’ve been a bit sad, because I love that baby and toddler stage so much, that I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the older childhood years as much. But I was wrong. I absolutely love how Becky is growing up, maturing, developing and how she astonishes and surprises me every day with her incredible personality, and I look forward to seeing her evolve and prosper.

There’s no doubt that my little girl is turning into a little lady. But she’s also turning into my little buddy.  She’s such good company, and I’m enjoying her more and more each day, if that is even possible. We’ve left the terrible twos, the “threenager” period and even some wobbles when she turned four behind, and now she is just a joy to be around.

She is so clever. I know, every parent says that about their kids, but she does amaze me with her smart observations, her curiosity, her zest for information and how she processes it, the kind of conclusions she draws, and the things she asks about and is interested in.

She’s incredibly perceptive and nothing escapes her.

And she is hilarious, too; her sense of humour is so brilliant and developed already, both in terms of what she finds funny and also in the way she makes all of us laugh. She’s a little joker, a mini clown, and she knows exactly how to have us in fits of giggles.

She’s an outgoing little thing and has lots of friends - her social calendar is fuller than John and mine has been in years (!), and our weekends are filled with the many play dates or birthday parties that she gets invited to.

She’s obsessed with fairies, mermaids, princesses and Barbies and everything pink *she definitely hasn’t got that from me!*, and her favourite past-time is drawing. She is so good at drawing and painting, even her pre-school teachers comment on how intricate and sophisticated her artwork is for her age – that’s something she definitely has from John.

She loves ballet, and she really enjoys her class every week. She looks so cute in the pink and blue ballerina outfit, and because she’s so petite and slim, she totally looks the part, too.

She’s really confident, and hasn’t got any qualms about entering into a room full of kids she doesn’t know, and she’s fiercely independent. She just gets on with stuff, which is reassuring, when I think about imminent school. She’ll be ok (I hope anyway).

She’s cheeky and naughty, too, just the right amount of mischievous, not too disrespectful, but spirited nonetheless, which I love *but don’t tell her that!*.

My clever little girl is growing up with two languages, and she is making an increased effort to actively speak German with me, full sentences and all, and I couldn’t be prouder. She has realised that it’s kinda special, and not something to be ashamed of, and she seems to really embrace it now as she knows how happy it makes me.

She has also become the best sister to baby Alex, and I love seeing how they are growing closer by the day.

But most importantly, she is kind, sensitive, generous and caring and she will try to help anyone who she feels might need it.

My little girl is just so beautiful, inside and out.  


7 Jul 2015

My Pukey Baby

You know the cliché of the Mum who is constantly covered in baby puke? Well hello there, I’m the cliché. I’m that Mum.

Alex has been a very pukey baby ever since he was born. I breastfed him for the first six months, and as soon as he started to take his first few feeds, he vomited them straight back out. Sometimes it was projectile, sometimes more like posseting, but almost always it was so much that it seemed like he was ejecting at least half or most of his feed.

But he was growing and putting on weight, and it never seemed to bother him much. We’ve had him checked over by the health visitor and several doctors, and apart from suspecting he had reflux – though thankfully not the more painful acid reflux – they all said that some babies are more pukey than others, and that he will eventually grow out of it when his sphincter has matured.

Well, Alex will be one year old in a couple of weeks time, and he is still extremely pukey – and I’m still covered in baby puke all the time. It got a little bit better when we first introduced a bottle of formula at around five months and when we started weaning him onto solids at six months, but overall, he has remained a little vomit monster.

He will still puke up a big chunk of his bottle – often in a spectacularly projectile manner – followed by little possets for around half an hour or so after each feed. And he will frequently bring up his solids a little, too, though this is nowhere near as violent as the milk feeds – but a lot more horrible in terms of smell and regurgitated chunks of food (*sorry*). Nice.

Just an example of  my little puke monster. That's nothing though compared to the 
huge eruptions sometimes. 

It’s literally quite incredible sometimes how such a small person can be so spectacularly sick, and when it’s a really bad case, which happens about two or three times a week, he will cover himself, myself, the couch, the carpet, the cushions and everything else that is in his proximity, and we all need a shower / bath and everything else needs a deep clean. 

I have become that woman who covers everything in blankets and layers of protective cloths, just to guard the rugs and furniture etc. from the big puke.

I have to change Alex at least three to four times a day, because he has covered himself so much, and always take several changes of outfits wherever I go. And as for me – I have become so used to being covered in sick all the time, that it’s only when I see my friends’ or other peoples’ shocked expressions when they witness the vomit volcano erupting on me, that I realise how bad it is.

The worst thing is when he pukes on me just as we are about to leave the house, and when I have to catch a train to London or head office for meetings, all in my nice work clothes – usually you will find me in jeans and T-shirts, my puke absorbing attire – or worse still, when I haven’t noticed that he’s spat and only realise once I’m on the train that my sleeve or my shoulder is covered in baby puke. Dashing to the train station toilet to wipe myself clean has become a familiar routine.

Sometimes I will notice a funny smell coming from somewhere, only to realise that that funny smell is me (!!) and that I’m covered in a nice sticky puddle of baby puke. Eurgh!

I honestly thought he would have grown out of it by now, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. He is still happy, he is still growing, putting on weight and meeting all his developmental milestones, as well as still unfazed by all this, so I don’t have reason to suspect anything more serious than that it’s just “one of those things.”

I have enquired about a milk or dairy intolerance, but the doctor said that he would have other allergic symptoms, too, and that it was unlikely.  So I’m at a bit of a loss. 

He’s got his one year review coming up in a little while, so I will ask the HV about it once more, but I’m almost resigned to the fact that I will just have to put up with the BIG FAT PUKE until it goes away by itself. Let’s just hope that this happens sooner rather than later. 

Because I’m seriously running out of clean clothes. 

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2 Jul 2015

Review: Sudocrem Care & Protect

We’ve been lucky in that Alex is not really prone to nappy rash, and the majority of the time his little bum is just peachy, healthy and gorgeous.

That said, when we went on holiday to Germany a few weeks back, he suddenly came down with a really bad case. I don’t know whether it was a change in climate, as slight as it is, or water, or food, or my Mum’s baby bath, but within a couple of days his bum was covered in a raw, angry looking rash that was just not getting better. As I hadn’t had to use any creams or ointments on him before, I didn’t have anything with me, so in the end I had to go to a local pharmacy and buy a special, fairly strong cream to get rid of it, and thankfully it cleared within another couple of days.

So when Sudocrem approached me to try its Care & Protect ointment, just a few days after we got back, it was perfect timing and sounded like just the ticket to keep Alex’s bottom nice and healthy from now on.

Sudocrem doesn’t need much introduction, being the go to cream for most parents. Care & Protect is the brand’s nappy rash ointment designed specifically for babies, and if used at every nappy change, it is said to offer triple protection by creating a barrier that seals in the skin’s moisture, conditions the skin with Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 and guards against infection. It’s also hypoallergenic and free from artificial colours and preservatives, which really appealed to me, as I want to use as few irritants and nasties as possible on Alex’s skin.

We’ve been applying the cream at every nappy change for the past few weeks – I even pop it into his nursery bag every day so his carers continue to use it when he’s there – and I’m really impressed. So far we’ve not had another episode of nappy rash.

It comes in a practical tube, which allows for easy application, even one handed if necessary, which is a definite plus as Alex is getting more and more squirmy and wriggly at nappy changes and just wants to crawl away and play, so being able to quickly extract a bit of ointment is very handy indeed.

It also smells rather lovely, it’s a subtle scent that isn’t overwhelming but appeals to the senses (I’m such a sucker for nice smelling baby stuff!).

It’s got a nice, light texture, which is very different from the Sudocrem as we know it, and is easy to apply, though if I have one point of criticism it’s that it’s a little bit on the runny side, and if you’re not careful, you squirt out more than you need, because a little actually goes a long way here.

The most important thing for me, however, is that it really does seem to work and does what is says on the tin: protect and care for my baby’s bottom. 

I will definitely be buying it again and can recommend it to anyone whose baby is prone to nappy rash.

*I was sent a tube of Sudocrem Care & Protect for the purpose of this review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100 per cent honest.


1 Jul 2015

My June 2015

I’ve been a bit stressed and down lately and lots of things have been getting on top of me, but putting this little feature together always cheers me up, as it reminds me of all the good times I do have and makes me appreciate them more.

I can’t believe we are already halfway through the year – it’s mental! I know, I have to stop making references to the time passing so fast every single time, but I really am so stunned by it. I think since I started this blog, I’m even more aware of how time flies, as I’m documenting things more.

Anyway, here are my best bits of June:

1. John surprising Becky with a bunch of huge balloons that he brought back from work one night. She LOVES balloons, and it’s fair to say that she was ecstatic. They are still in her room, next to her bed, and even though they are a bit deflated by now, she won’t let me get rid of them.

2. Alex finally learned to crawl. Such a milestone for my little monkey! He’s now unstoppable and is loving his new found freedom.

3. Organising Alex’s christening. It’s been a bit of a slog, with question marks over location and legitimacy of godparents (who would have thought they have to be baptised, too, duh! *snigger*), but I think we got there in the end and a date is in the diary for August.

4. Becky and Alex’s bond growing stronger. Becky really has stepped up to being a big sister, and she’s not only caring, but is also playing with Alex now and making him laugh. I sometimes look at them in complete amazement, that these two are mine, and how gorgeous they are!

5. We’ve had lots of park visits this month – not particularly spectacular, but still nice family time.

6. Trips to London – I will never ever tire of travelling to London and I feel very lucky to be able to frequently work in one of my favourite and best cities in the world – even when it’s looking rather moody.

7. Alex has been ill again with a nasty virus, and it was really tough on him and me. But on the plus side, all he wanted was Mummy cuddles, and I love nothing more than snuggling up with my – not for much longer – baby and giving him all the comfort he needs.

8. Harvesting our first raspberries from our garden and watching our apple tree blossom. The first fruits have started to appear, and I think we’ll have loads of apples this year later on in the summer.

9. Spending time with Becky – this is something I want to do a bit more of over the next couple of months, before she starts school. We’ve had a few inductions at her primary school already, and I’m becoming painfully aware that my little girl is going to be a big girl soon, so I want to make the most of some one-on-one time together. 
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