18 Jul 2015

Becky's Artwork

This blog is first and foremost a space for me to document my kids' development and their milestones, and one of the memories I definitely want to keep is of Becky’s artwork.

Her favourite pastime is drawing, crafting and being creative – she definitely has that from her Daddy, who has a background in Fine Art – and she is very good at it.

In fact, for a four-year-old, she is incredible (I’m very subjective, of course, but I don’t think I’m off in my judgement).

Every day she brings home and array of drawings and crafted things from pre-school, and they are getting better and better, and more intricate and accurately observed. I try to keep most of her artwork, but I obviously can’t keep it all, because we’d need a house extension soon – John always laughs at me that I fancy myself as some kind of art critic and am already censoring the quality of our daughter’s work, ha! I guess there’s a bit of truth in that, but let’s not go there *ahem*.

Anyway, so this post is dedicated to some of Becky’s recent master-pieces, which I think are just beautiful.

This is our family. Becky on the right, then Mummy and Daddy, who's holding Baby Alex in his car seat. So cute!

This is Becky (middle) and her best friends Maya T (left) and Austina (right). So accurately observed and interpreted, the hair colour and hair styles and everything. 

The picture above and below are princesses. There is a definite theme here - she just loves drawing princesses and fairies! 

This is Queen Elsa from Frozen. Pretty obvious, right? 

And Princess Anna and snow man Olaf from Frozen. 


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