30 Jul 2015

My July 2015

So, we’re racing through the second half of this year, and another month is ticked off the calendar. Sigh. July has been quite busy and eventful, in a non-eventful kinda way, if that makes sense. A lot has been happening and lots was going on, but nothing particularly dramatic or momentous, apart from Alex’s first birthday, of course. But more on that below. So, here we go, my highlights of July 2015:

1. Alex having his first ice-lolly with Daddy, who generously shared with him while pulling funny faces and making him giggle.

2. Having some family time and lots of cuddles and tickles on the sofa. I love it when we’re just being us and spontaneous, and just having fun as a family (btw, Becky is somewhere in the picture, too, squeezed between me and John, you can just about make out her dress).

3. Alex becoming obsessed with the washing machine. He’s so fascinated by the spin cycle and now gravitates towards the washing machine as soon as I put him down. Very cute, but also a bit strange.

4. Having a great time at the summer fete at Becky’s future primary school earlier this month. We met up with lots of our friends and Becky’s mates, and just had a relaxed and lovely summer afternoon in the sun.

5. Becky and Alex playing together - lots (or make that, Becky sitting on Alex and generally manhandling him, not that he minds!). As Alex is getting increasingly mobile and independent, he’s clearly also a lot more fun to hang around with - at least as far as Becky is concerned -  and she is making more and more effort to play with him.

6. My new, relaunched magazine being finally published after several months of work on finalising the structure and new design.

7. Alex’ bad spell of illness, with virus after virus gripping him this month. Him, and eventually me, too. I really hope we can get through the next few months without any further nasty bug attacks.

8. Out and about with the kids (and our Mummy and Daddy friends) on sunny evenings. That’s what summer is all about.

9. Alex turning 1 – undoubtedly the main highlight of this month, even though he was still quite ill on the day and things did not go as planned. Oh well, c’est la vie, as they say. 


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