1 Jul 2015

My June 2015

I’ve been a bit stressed and down lately and lots of things have been getting on top of me, but putting this little feature together always cheers me up, as it reminds me of all the good times I do have and makes me appreciate them more.

I can’t believe we are already halfway through the year – it’s mental! I know, I have to stop making references to the time passing so fast every single time, but I really am so stunned by it. I think since I started this blog, I’m even more aware of how time flies, as I’m documenting things more.

Anyway, here are my best bits of June:

1. John surprising Becky with a bunch of huge balloons that he brought back from work one night. She LOVES balloons, and it’s fair to say that she was ecstatic. They are still in her room, next to her bed, and even though they are a bit deflated by now, she won’t let me get rid of them.

2. Alex finally learned to crawl. Such a milestone for my little monkey! He’s now unstoppable and is loving his new found freedom.

3. Organising Alex’s christening. It’s been a bit of a slog, with question marks over location and legitimacy of godparents (who would have thought they have to be baptised, too, duh! *snigger*), but I think we got there in the end and a date is in the diary for August.

4. Becky and Alex’s bond growing stronger. Becky really has stepped up to being a big sister, and she’s not only caring, but is also playing with Alex now and making him laugh. I sometimes look at them in complete amazement, that these two are mine, and how gorgeous they are!

5. We’ve had lots of park visits this month – not particularly spectacular, but still nice family time.

6. Trips to London – I will never ever tire of travelling to London and I feel very lucky to be able to frequently work in one of my favourite and best cities in the world – even when it’s looking rather moody.

7. Alex has been ill again with a nasty virus, and it was really tough on him and me. But on the plus side, all he wanted was Mummy cuddles, and I love nothing more than snuggling up with my – not for much longer – baby and giving him all the comfort he needs.

8. Harvesting our first raspberries from our garden and watching our apple tree blossom. The first fruits have started to appear, and I think we’ll have loads of apples this year later on in the summer.

9. Spending time with Becky – this is something I want to do a bit more of over the next couple of months, before she starts school. We’ve had a few inductions at her primary school already, and I’m becoming painfully aware that my little girl is going to be a big girl soon, so I want to make the most of some one-on-one time together. 

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