9 Jul 2015

My Little Lady

I talk a lot on here about Alex, mainly because his development is still so rapid and tangible. But that’s not to say that Becky doesn’t equally amaze me day in, day out, so this post is dedicated to her.

Becky is 4 1/2 years old now. She's going to school in September. Wow. I still can’t quite believe it, even when I say it out loud. It’s gone so fast, and soon my little girl will be a big girl, a school girl. And even though I say and accept this with a heavy heart, I know deep down that she is ready. She's so excited about the prospect of being at school, and she keeps asking me every day how many sleeps until September!

I’ve been a bit melancholic lately, with Becky starting a new chapter in her life, and Alex turning one in a couple of weeks, it seems like my babies are growing up before my eyes, and I struggle to keep up, or maybe even refuse to keep up to a degree.

I’ve been a bit sad, because I love that baby and toddler stage so much, that I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the older childhood years as much. But I was wrong. I absolutely love how Becky is growing up, maturing, developing and how she astonishes and surprises me every day with her incredible personality, and I look forward to seeing her evolve and prosper.

There’s no doubt that my little girl is turning into a little lady. But she’s also turning into my little buddy.  She’s such good company, and I’m enjoying her more and more each day, if that is even possible. We’ve left the terrible twos, the “threenager” period and even some wobbles when she turned four behind, and now she is just a joy to be around.

She is so clever. I know, every parent says that about their kids, but she does amaze me with her smart observations, her curiosity, her zest for information and how she processes it, the kind of conclusions she draws, and the things she asks about and is interested in.

She’s incredibly perceptive and nothing escapes her.

And she is hilarious, too; her sense of humour is so brilliant and developed already, both in terms of what she finds funny and also in the way she makes all of us laugh. She’s a little joker, a mini clown, and she knows exactly how to have us in fits of giggles.

She’s an outgoing little thing and has lots of friends - her social calendar is fuller than John and mine has been in years (!), and our weekends are filled with the many play dates or birthday parties that she gets invited to.

She’s obsessed with fairies, mermaids, princesses and Barbies and everything pink *she definitely hasn’t got that from me!*, and her favourite past-time is drawing. She is so good at drawing and painting, even her pre-school teachers comment on how intricate and sophisticated her artwork is for her age – that’s something she definitely has from John.

She loves ballet, and she really enjoys her class every week. She looks so cute in the pink and blue ballerina outfit, and because she’s so petite and slim, she totally looks the part, too.

She’s really confident, and hasn’t got any qualms about entering into a room full of kids she doesn’t know, and she’s fiercely independent. She just gets on with stuff, which is reassuring, when I think about imminent school. She’ll be ok (I hope anyway).

She’s cheeky and naughty, too, just the right amount of mischievous, not too disrespectful, but spirited nonetheless, which I love *but don’t tell her that!*.

My clever little girl is growing up with two languages, and she is making an increased effort to actively speak German with me, full sentences and all, and I couldn’t be prouder. She has realised that it’s kinda special, and not something to be ashamed of, and she seems to really embrace it now as she knows how happy it makes me.

She has also become the best sister to baby Alex, and I love seeing how they are growing closer by the day.

But most importantly, she is kind, sensitive, generous and caring and she will try to help anyone who she feels might need it.

My little girl is just so beautiful, inside and out.  


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