2 Jul 2015

Review: Sudocrem Care & Protect

We’ve been lucky in that Alex is not really prone to nappy rash, and the majority of the time his little bum is just peachy, healthy and gorgeous.

That said, when we went on holiday to Germany a few weeks back, he suddenly came down with a really bad case. I don’t know whether it was a change in climate, as slight as it is, or water, or food, or my Mum’s baby bath, but within a couple of days his bum was covered in a raw, angry looking rash that was just not getting better. As I hadn’t had to use any creams or ointments on him before, I didn’t have anything with me, so in the end I had to go to a local pharmacy and buy a special, fairly strong cream to get rid of it, and thankfully it cleared within another couple of days.

So when Sudocrem approached me to try its Care & Protect ointment, just a few days after we got back, it was perfect timing and sounded like just the ticket to keep Alex’s bottom nice and healthy from now on.

Sudocrem doesn’t need much introduction, being the go to cream for most parents. Care & Protect is the brand’s nappy rash ointment designed specifically for babies, and if used at every nappy change, it is said to offer triple protection by creating a barrier that seals in the skin’s moisture, conditions the skin with Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 and guards against infection. It’s also hypoallergenic and free from artificial colours and preservatives, which really appealed to me, as I want to use as few irritants and nasties as possible on Alex’s skin.

We’ve been applying the cream at every nappy change for the past few weeks – I even pop it into his nursery bag every day so his carers continue to use it when he’s there – and I’m really impressed. So far we’ve not had another episode of nappy rash.

It comes in a practical tube, which allows for easy application, even one handed if necessary, which is a definite plus as Alex is getting more and more squirmy and wriggly at nappy changes and just wants to crawl away and play, so being able to quickly extract a bit of ointment is very handy indeed.

It also smells rather lovely, it’s a subtle scent that isn’t overwhelming but appeals to the senses (I’m such a sucker for nice smelling baby stuff!).

It’s got a nice, light texture, which is very different from the Sudocrem as we know it, and is easy to apply, though if I have one point of criticism it’s that it’s a little bit on the runny side, and if you’re not careful, you squirt out more than you need, because a little actually goes a long way here.

The most important thing for me, however, is that it really does seem to work and does what is says on the tin: protect and care for my baby’s bottom. 

I will definitely be buying it again and can recommend it to anyone whose baby is prone to nappy rash.

*I was sent a tube of Sudocrem Care & Protect for the purpose of this review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100 per cent honest.


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