15 Jul 2015

#Siblings - July 2015

When I wrote earlier in the year about how it took Becky nearly six months to grow into her role as a big sister and embrace having a younger sibling (you can read all about it here), I could have never foreseen how just a few months down the line my two little monkeys would be thick as thieves and have the most beautiful relationship.

Becky is now the best big sister. She is caring and affectionate, and proud of him, dare I say it, as wherever we go and anyone is showing an interest in Alex, she will be quick to point out that Alex is her baby brother.

Ever since he started crawling and has been a lot more mobile than previously, sticking his little nose and fingers where he isn’t supposed to, she’s become a little teacher, telling him that he isn’t allowed to do this, or that, she shows him how to press his various musical toys, or removes any objects he isn’t supposed to have. And she praises him lots, saying “Good boy” when he’s done something clever such as learned to give high fives.

She never seems to tire singing ”Row row row your boat” with him (including doing the actions), or “Wind the bobbin up” and so on, which he loves and has him in fits of giggles. She is now a lot more confident about being physical with him and picking him up and wobbling him about and giving him cuddles, which she didn’t do much before.

First thing in the morning, she will go up to him, give him a big hug and pull funny faces at him, and immediately has him beaming and in stitches. And she will kiss him goodbye at nursery and often insists on picking him up together from the baby room.

She is showing remarkable patience with him, too, even when he bashes down her Lego constructions or rips her drawings or pops her balloons. She just takes it in her stride and tells me that he is a baby and doesn’t know what he’s doing yet. And she’s learned to share, not just her ice-lolly, as in the picture above.

Alex in turn absolutely adores her. You can tell. He’s always looking for her in the room, carefully observing what she does and vies for her attention, and now that he is on the move, he’s always crawling after her to see what she is doing and wanting to play.

He gives her the biggest of smiles and he’s visibly over the moon when it’s reciprocated.

I’m loving watching them together and witnessing how they are developing as brother and sister. It’s fascinating to see the dynamic between them and how it continues to change and evolve. 

dear beautiful


  1. Aww SO sweet. I love it that she's a proper big sister to him — it's adorable. Gorgeous pics too :) #Siblings

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  2. Thank you Caro! She's certainly enjoying being a big sister now and teaching Alex. I love it! x

  3. So cute. What a great big sister and helper you have on your hands too. Just lovely. #siblings

    1. Thanks Jenny! She is a great helper, and the more I praise her for it, the more eager and keen to help me with Alex she becomes. I'm so glad they are so lovely together! x


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