12 Jul 2015

Weekend Jollies

Yesterday we went to the summer fete of the school Becky is going to go to in September. It was held on the school’s vast grounds, and nearly everyone in our village who has got kids at the school or whose kids are going to start this year, or is otherwise associated with the school was there, and we met up with a bunch of our friends and their kids and enjoyed the sunny and warm day. 

It was a lovely afternoon full of fun and games, and Becky had a hoot, running round with her friends, enjoying the bouncy castle and wealth of games and activities that were on offer.

John and I, meanwhile, enjoyed a cheeky Cider in the afternoon sun and caught up with our friends. And Alex? Well, Alex had lots of fun, too, crawling around the grass, grabbing everything he could get his little hands on and trying to make a run for it whenever he thought we weren’t looking. He’s such a little handful, but very very cute at that, so he’s forgiven! 

Becky is so cuddly and sweet at the moment. I could literally eat her! 

Alex managed to snatch one of Becky’s lollies and wouldn’t let go of it for the rest of the afternoon. He was working hard trying to bite through it, you can see the look of concentration on his little face. 

He loved the blow up palm tree that was left near the bouncy castle and tried his hardest to pop it with his teeth. Didn’t quite manage it though, thank Goodness! 

Becky and her friends had fun riding the trikes and various other toy ride-ons. I think they were meant for the toddlers, but hey ho. 

Meanwhile, Alex had his first go in one of the little toy cars, too, and he loved it. He felt very pleased with himself as he managed to stay put on the seat and not fall off, while Mummy was pushing him along and Daddy was trying to video it. 

A little snapshot of my two monkeys. Alex is giving me another one of his sloppy kisses – he loves doing it (and I love getting them!). 

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  1. What a lovely day! This will be us next year with my son going to school next September - eeek! #sharewithme

    1. It goes so fast! I can't believe Becky will be a school girl in September, but she is so excited, it's hard not to be, too! :-)

  2. Such a wonderful day. Your pictures are beautiful! #sharewithme

    1. Thank you Erin, that's very kind! We had a lovely day indeed!

  3. So many great captures here. Lovely weekend jollies for sure. Glad you all made the most of it hunny. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


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