31 Aug 2015

My August 2015

Gosh, August was a busy and eventful month! But wonderful all the same. We spent lots of time as a family and had a special occasion thrown in right at the end, namely Alex’s christening. But I won’t pre-empt things and go straight into my highlights of this month:

1. Going for a drive through the countryside and stopping at some gorgeous lavender fields. It was the perfect picture backdrop in the glorious sunshine.

2. Spending lots of one-on-one time with Becky during my Wednesdays off with her. It was so good to give her this undivided attention and to make the most of the time with my little girl before she starts school in less than a couple of weeks.

3. It was a busy month work wise, too, with lots of trips away to trade shows. But one of the perks was lots of nice goodies, including a selection of beautiful notepads with some very motivational and poignant slogans on. They should come in handy for all my blog ideas and inspiration.

4. Visiting the Bristol Balloon Fiesta - another beautiful weekend spent with my little family.

5. Getting all of our bits and bobs ready for school and Becky modelling one of her new school uniforms. I’m laughing and crying inside all at once at the thought of her going off to big school.

6. Fairies & Pirates getting a little make-over and also being mobile responsive now. It’s – intentionally – not hugely different from my previous design, but a facelift nonetheless.

7. A little holiday in Cornwall, which started as a bit of a washout, but ended on an absolutely beautiful day and we all left on a high.

8. Alex and Becky continuing to bond. Watching their relationship blossom fills me with so much happiness. This was taken in our hotel room in Cornwall, where Becky asked to go into Alex’s cot to munch on some dry Cheerios (Don’t ask! They are both addicted!) with him.

9. Alex’s christening, which took place yesterday. I’ll do a separate post on that, but doesn’t Alex just look absolutely gorgeous? Like an English Gentleman, as my Mum said. Such a dude! It was a beautiful, happy day spent with friends and family. 

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