27 Aug 2015

Our (Almost) Washout Holiday

A few days ago we returned from our little holiday in Cornwall. It would have been the perfect break if it hadn’t been for the fact that we were really unlucky with the weather. Even if you take the capricious British climate into account, for the first half of our stay we probably had some of the worst conditions possible.

We set off on a relatively hot and sunny day, with the forecast for the week ahead being cloudy and intermittent showers – which we were ok with, it's England after all, not the Carribean. However, when we arrived, thick fog had set in, which hadn’t lifted one bit the next morning, with heavy, persistent rain pouring down.

We went for breakfast, a little bit deflated and lost as to what to do with our day. Thankfully, after breakfast the fog seemed to disappear, and the sun was peeking through the clouds, so we decided to stick to our plan and visit the scenic sites nearby, starting with St Michael’s mount (picture above).
We had an hour of really nice, dry weather there, before the rain came pouring down again and the fog set back in. Undeterred, we decided to carry on with visiting Penzance, Mousehole, Minnack Theatre and Land’s End, hoping that the weather would change as quickly as it had done in the morning. But no such luck, which is why we don’t have many pictures of that day, apart from the Land’s End one below (check out the fog!), as there was just no point. 

On the second day we weren’t bothered by the rain, as we decided to visit the fabulous Eden Project, which in most parts is indoors. Again, as we set off from our hotel, it was pouring down with rain, but by the time we actually arrived there – about 45 minutes’ drive from our hotel – the sun once again came out, and we had a wonderful time at the Eden Project, visiting the biomes, learning about plants, checking out their Dinosaur exhibition, eating Dinosaur Burgers and digging for “gold” (Becky).

It was such a nice day, but as it started to rain again on our way home, and the forecast showed more rain and fog for the rest of the week, we decided to stay another day and then cut the holiday short and head home the next evening. There is just little point being somewhere, when it’s raining and foggy so much that despite being wrapped in rainwear, you literally can’t even do or see anything or escape the cold and rain other than sitting in your hotel room, especially with two small kids.

On the next day, however, we woke up to beautiful sunshine, which was just as well, as we had another scenic and packed day planned. We went to The Lizard in the morning, which was just breath taking. Such beautiful, rugged landscapes – that’s what Cornwall is all about, and at least we got to experience it on that day.

We stayed a couple of hours, eating ice cream, having a wonder around and taking in the views, and then we decided to go to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary nearby, which is a fab place that rescues and looks after injured seals. Becky had a hoot “meeting” all the seals in the centre, and even Alex was very intrigued by the big and wet animals.

From there we headed to St Ives, where we spent the rest of the afternoon, had a lovely dinner and set off back home in the evening, so the kids could just sleep through in the car. That day was actually the perfect ending to a shorter than anticipated holiday, but we all left on a high.

We might not have had the weather we had hoped for, but we still had a wonderful experience. It was lovely to spend some much needed quality time as a family, not being rushed off our feet, having amazing conversations with Becky, laughing at our little joker Alex, and overall marvelling at our two gorgeous kids and how clever and funny they are.

As a little perk, back home the next day, John and I decided to grant ourselves a child-free break and do something just the two of us on our last day off. So we drove the kids to nursery and then went for a lovely lunch in our local deli, followed by a nice spell of shopping. It was great to spend some time sans kids, and it felt special, because – having no family nearby – this is something we hardly ever get to do, and it finished off our (almost washout) holiday nicely.

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  1. Oh gosh - those dark skies pretty much sum up our summer here :( glad you some some blue sky in the end though! #sharewithme @MummyFever

  2. Lovely..looks like you had such a wonderful time despite some not so lovely weather :-) #sharewithme

  3. Ahh looks absolutely lovely and that pesky weather glad it didn't ruin it completely. It's hard when you plan somethign that would be an amazing experience and the weather ruins it. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


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