26 Aug 2015

Room For Growth

We currently live in a three bedroom house – pretty standard, I guess, for a family of four. Only that space-wise, we are actually bursting at the seams, or starting to anyway. The main reason for this is that I work from home the majority of the time, so our second big double bedroom is used as my (and John’s) office.

Becky’s nursery occupies the smaller, single bedroom, while Alex is currently in with us in the master bedroom; in his own cot, might I add, as I’m not much of a co-sleeper.

This set-up still sort of works for us while Alex is so little, and secretly I have to admit that I love having Alex close by, being comforted by his gentle snores and deep breaths while he’s sleeping and being able to react quickly to cuddle him if he wakes up at night.

But I know that this stage will come to an end, and that eventually he will need his own room – and herein lies the problem. I know we probably have a grace period of maybe another year, maximum, before we have to make changes, but changes we will have to make eventually.

John and I have been discussing various future options, one being to move to a four-bed house, the other one being either an attic conversion or extension to the house.

I’m undecided which option I would prefer, but depending on house prices and availability in and around where we currently live, staying put and expanding may be the most viable option.

So I’ve been dreaming – and pinning – my dream attic conversions and extensions. One can never be too organised too early, right? I can’t quite decide what I would prefer, an extension, or an attic conversion. Currently I’m more inclined to think along the lines of an attic conversion, as it will probably be less hassle and cheaper.

I’m imagining our master bedroom up there, with a beautiful Juliet balcony or roof to floor skylights. We could have lots of storage space in the eaves and make a really stylish, tranquil and cosy room up there with lots of natural light and a calming colour scheme in off-whites, creames and greys. 

Or, we could turn it into a kids bedroom, either for one of the kids or for both to share. This, too, has crossed my mind.

Alternatively, we could move our office up there, out of the way, which could help separate work from home life a bit more.

I love all of these options, so when we are eventually ready to make our dreams a reality, we will have to give this some serious thought, especially the practicalities of it all and which use of space would be most advantageous for our home and family life.

The one slight drawback of a loft conversion is that – even with proper insulation – things can get very hot, and very uncomfortable up there in the summer. We once lived in a house with an attic bedroom, and in the summer months it was unbearable. But there are simple solutions that can help alleviate this problem. For instance, VELUX have got an array of blind options, including an external awning blind that stops sunlight and reduces the heat of the sun by 90 per cent, which could be just the ticket to ensure a comfortable climate.

It may be still a little while yet before we have to decide which direction to proceed in, but I’m already getting excited about having more space to roam and spread out in as a family. If you want to have a little peak at my Pinterest board, check it out here.

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