29 Sep 2015

Alex, 14 months

Alex has passed the 14 months mark, can you believe it! In terms of his physical development, there isn’t that much to record this month. He’s still crawling at a phenomenal speed, he’s still cruising along furniture and he’s still standing up while holding on to things for a long period of time. He’s not attempting to actually walk though, but hey, I’m sure he’ll do it in his own time. I think he’s close, but he's just not fussed, because his crawling is getting him from A to B much faster, so why would he bother!  

So whilst there aren’t any physical milestones to report, his personality and character, however, are really beginning to shine. He is such a little joker! He loves making us laugh and knows more and more how to do this, whether that’s playing peekaboo with us (with him doing the peeking) or blowing raspberries on us, or chasing us around or play-fighting – he is getting really good at it all. And he is so strong, he can almost rugby tackle me by himself, haha!

He’s also very cheeky and naughty, which is as cute as it is exhausting. He rarely listens to us when we say no, even though it’s obvious that he understand what we mean, and he will just repeatedly do the things we tell him not to. Examples include touching the coals in the fireplace, opening and closing the fridge and oven, banging doors, bashing table lamps, pulling stuff down from shelves and tables, attempting to climb up the stairs, or in fact, anything, and so on. On the one hand I admire his strong will, stubbornness and resolve, but it’s also extremely tiring because he’s got bundles of energy, much more than I have!

His repertoire of sounds is also forever expanding; one of the cutest things is his latest addition “oh-oh”, which he says whenever he’s dropped something or knocked something over. Often, especially when he's complaining about something, he will make the most amazing concoction of sounds and noises, which almost sound like a massive rant - it's so funny!

He’s already such a character and such a little dude!

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