21 Sep 2015

Alex's autumn / winter wardrobe

With the summer season now well and truly over and Alex continuing to grow so fast, he was due some new clothes. So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been picking up bits and bobs here and there and started compiling his autumn / winter wardrobe – this little dude is so “fashion”, ha!

I have to admit that I absolutely love shopping for boys clothes. I’ve always thought that they are just so lovely and cool, whereas the majority of girls clothes are simply pink and a little too cutesy for my liking – but then, Becky absolutely loves it all, so who am I to argue?

The majority of stuff I have picked up so far has been from Next (I do love their kids’ clothes!), Florence & Fred at Tesco, Tu at Sainsbury’s and George at Asda. The latter three mainly because it’s just so convenient; it’s somewhere I shop regularly, and their collections are really nice and such good value for money.

I don’t mind spending a bit more on things that have a little bit more longevity, like outdoor clothing, or things that need to be fitted properly, like shoes, and I certainly indulge my kids now and again in branded clothes if they are irresistibly cute, but overall I like the fact that kids clothing today is so accessible and that you can pick up such bargains. Alex goes through so many clothes changes a day at nursery, it’s handy that I can stock up on basics that still look super sweet.

So far I have several pairs of trousers (corduroys, jeans and joggers), a lovely winter coat, some long-sleeve tees and a pair of pre-walker booties, as he’s still only just cruising. I still need a couple of cardies, jumpers, vests and hats to complete his wardrobe. I’ve seen a few nice things online at Gap and H&M, so next time I’m in town, I shall be taking a proper look at their collections and filling in the gaps.

Below is my shopping haul so far, clockwise from left:

Light grey jeans – Tu @ Sainsbury’s
Orange and blue stripy tee – Florence & Fred
Brown corduroys – Next
Set of three super cute long-sleeve tees – Next
Booties – Next
Winter coat – Next
Stripy baby joggers – George @ Asda
Animal slogan tee – Florence & Fred
Jeans – George @ Asda


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