9 Sep 2015

First Day At School

So, Becky has officially started school today. Excitement levels had been rising in our house over the last few days, and when she woke up this morning, she literally couldn’t wait until she could put on her shiny new school uniform. I had to calm her down a bit, as the induction process of her school sees that reception children start on a staggered schedule, only spending three hours per day there for the first few weeks, and Becky was allocated the afternoon slot, so she had all morning to pass before we could finally get ready.

I have to say, even though I had a massive lump in my throat when she was dressed in her uniform at how grown up and beautiful she looked, I haven’t been quite as emotional about it today as I expected. Maybe a bit melancholic and sentimental, but I think I’ve made my peace with her starting school, even though it does feel like such a milestone.

However, it’s hard to be emotional and dwell on it for too long when you witness the excitement and anticipation of your little girl. It may have taken me a while to get used to the idea that Becky will start school this September, at only 4 years old – in Germany kids don’t start school until they are at least six, many are actually seven – but I have to acknowledge and accept that she is soooo ready for it. And I’m happy for her.

We had a home visit by her reception teacher and teaching assistant last week, and she got to know them a little already, and her school is on our way to her old nursery anyway, so it’s not an unfamiliar place. And a few of her older friends are already at the school, hence she is just happy that she will be seeing them and hasn’t felt any sense of apprehension about starting there.

So today, after lunch, we got ready, and I walked her to school. We had a lovely chat going up, and she kept skipping and chanting “I’m starting school today” all the way. Being German, I left in good time to make sure we’re punctual, even though it’s only a ten minute walk *ahem*, so we were the first ones outside the school. But then the other children and their parents began to arrive, including Becky’s “best friends” (she has many, bless her) Austina, Amelia and Fraser, and a big, excited hug-fest ensued, while us Mums and Dads looked at each other a little nervously.

But, predictably with Becky, I needn’t have been nervous; as soon as the doors opened, she just marched straight into her classroom, as if she’d never been anywhere else, and started chatting to her teacher before finding her peg and drawer and placing her bags and PE kit in the allocated spaces.
And then her and Austina started exploring the classroom and playing with some of the toys, and I was quickly forgotten and redundant. Which is fine. I’m so glad she is how she is.

So I gave her a quick kiss, said “ I love you” and then left her to it, pondering just what a momentous new chapter this is for her – and for us – and what a remarkable and brave personality she has. I’m so proud of her.

When I picked her up after her first session, she was beaming from ear to ear and didn’t stop chatting away, telling me everything she did at school. I may be a bit sad that my little girl is growing up, but how can you stay blue for long when you’re met by such enthusiasm and zest for life?

I really hope she will enjoy school, have a lovely time and look back at these years as a positive experience, just like I did. I loved everything about school and have some of the best memories – and friends! – from that time, and I hope, that in twenty years’ time or so, she will still be friends with Austina, Amelia, Maya & Co and remember this day and the very many to come. 

Doesn't she look so grown up and smart? 

This is a little German tradition: In Germany kids who start school receive a big "school cone" full of sweets, and my Mum and Dad, who were still over since Alex's Christening, made sure she had one, too. Naturally, I'm having my work cut out stopping her munching down all the sweets in one go!

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  1. So glad that her first afternoon went so well and that she came out beaming :-)

    1. Thanks Louise! It's such a relief indeed! I hope she will enjoy it. x

  2. I like the sound of that tradition I think i will say it's American too and do the same. hahaha She looks beautiful and beaming at her first day of school Congrats. We have a new starter for school here too so I know how you feel. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    1. I hope your little one had a good start to school, too! It's so emotional, isn't it (mostly for us). x


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