29 Oct 2015

Alex, 15 months

This picture really sums up my little boy down to a tee – sitting in a box, munching on toys or things he isn’t supposed to and causing trouble. His personality is really developing so rapidly, I can see such a difference month to month.

I still can’t quite get over how different he is to his sister when she was his age. I don’t know whether it’s a boy / girl thing, or whether it’s just a character trait, or a bit of both, but he is so much more naughty and mischievous. He is, however, as funny as his sister, and he makes us laugh so much. He is starting to test the boundaries a bit more now, and whenever we say “no” to something (like when he’s trying to steal and lick the coals in the fireplace – a favourite of his!), he doesn’t take no for an answer, but just carries on regardless and laughs, while looking at us to see what we’ll do next (most of the time we pick him up and place him somewhere else and try to distract him, only for him to go back and repeat the whole thing again).

He loves bashing and banging things, preferably the kitchen cupboards or the washing machine and dryer doors, as well as trying to actually climb inside, so I literally can't take my eyes off him for a minute, or he'll have pulled out pots and pans or emptied the contents of the freezer. It would be really annoying if he wasn't so cute and it was also so endearing! 

He’s starting to be able to concentrate and focus on things more, and he can spend a good while playing with his little tool toy, where he can repeatedly bash balls with a hammer. Or he’ll spend ages playing in Becky’s toy kitchen, more so than Becky ever has, which is also cute. He is, however, absolutely not interested in the TV and kid’s programmes, which is a bit of a shame, dare I say it, as it would be nice if he could just sit still enough to watch In the Night Garden or Peppa Pig (which Becky was already obsessed with at this stage), so I could have a cup of tea and a sit down in peace. But no such luck.

He is, however, getting more interested in the iPad. I don’t know whether it’s just because Becky plays with it and he wants to join in or snatch it from her, or whether it’s just the lights and sounds that fascinate him. Either way, so far Becky has not been prepared to share the iPad with him, and as soon as he comes near it, she runs away with it.

He’s still not walking, the little lazy bum. He clearly has the strength and balance to do it, as he is confidently cruising and even walking on his walker or holding on to me with one hand, but he is just not interested in letting go and trying for himself. Why should he, I guess, as he is crawling at lightning speed and gets around everywhere, so why learn a new skill? 

He is fearless though, and will climb up and down anything and everything, and has even worked out that if he pulls a little stool to him, he can climb on top and reach for things even higher up, so it’s quite full on pre-empting what he might be up to next.

Even at nursery they said that it’s strange how he can be climbing all these high hazards, but not show any interest in walking itself. We’ll see. I guess they all do it in their own time, and – even though I have been saying this for a couple of months now – I do think he is on the cusp and will start walking any day now. We're off to buy him his first shoes this weekend. I've been holding off on this, as I wanted to buy him proper ones once he's walking, but as he's taking his time and the weather is getting cold now, I will just pop to Clarks and buy him some anyway. Maybe this will give him some more stability and encourage him to take his first step. Watch this space ... 

27 Oct 2015

Can you have it all?

Have you seen the film "I don't know how she does it?" In the movie Sarah Jessica Parker plays Kate Reddy, a thirty-something hedge fund manager who appears to have the perfect life - high-powered career, two kids, supportive, loving husband, beautiful home. Until that is, things start to crumble and she finds herself struggling to meet everyone’s expectations and the perfect life quickly starts to fall apart. The morale of this rather naff Hollywood adaptation is that she ends up giving up her job and moves to the country to become a stay-at-home Mum (not before her husband leaves her as a much needed wake-up call, obviously!) and “readdresses” her priorities.

I've been thinking a lot about that question lately. As a mother of two small kids with a demanding full time job, a family and household to run, not to mention the blog or fitting in a fitness regime or in fact, any kind of me time, I have been getting to my limits lately, both physically and mentally.

It's not one thing that I can single out as the culprit, but all together it accumulates and often leaves me exasperated and feeling like a failure, like I'm not doing well enough. Like I’m not good enough.

There is a lot of pressure on women to be everything to everyone, and to do it all with a smile while looking fabulous at the same time: perfect job, perfect family, perfect home, perfect body, great life, great work / life balance, great social life, lots of friends, holidays, cars… The list goes on.

Why is it that we put so much pressure and so many expectations on ourselves, and when we can't deliver it all, we feel like a failure?

I certainly struggle to combine everything. My house is less than perfect most of the time, and if anyone dropped in on me unannounced, I'd probably not answer the door. My body is far from perfect, too, and there are more than just a few pounds I'd like to lose. My social life is almost non-existent, and work / life balance - well, that’s always a tricky one, isn’t it?

In fact, my career, my professional life, is one of the areas I feel has been most fundamentally affected by having kids. Because once you add little ones into the mix, you really have to make decisions and choices about everything from priorities to practicalities, and what you want out of your career and ultimately your life.

I'm very ambitious, and this ambition has always driven me. I knew I wanted to be a journalist from the age of six and have always worked towards this. I worked hard and studied hard to achieve my goals. Back in Germany, after having started to report for my regional newspaper at the age of 17 and working my way up to run a youth supplement as well as a weekend culture section of the newspaper by 19, while also reporting on news and current affairs and studying at university alongside, my path at the media group I was working for was pre- defined. After a traineeship at a respected journalism school my prospects for a secure job at my daily newspaper were pretty solid.  

But then I decided to move to the UK to be with John, my British now-husband. It threw all my plans and everything I had worked so hard for in the wind. Still, being in a foreign country and operating in a foreign language didn't stop me pursuing my dream of being a journalist after all, and I soon became a writer across national trade titles for the fashion industry. By the age of 28 I was made editor of one of the titles, and I have put a lot of effort in since to make the magazine the best it can be. 

Part of my job is to travel to trade shows and press trips, in the UK and abroad, and before I had kids, this was not just a key part of my job, but also a perk. And then I had kids. And then the perks turned into an organisational nightmare, and you have to start weighing up between what's essential and what isn't. Since going back to work in March after having Alex, I've had to say no to press trips to Lima, Marrakesh, Hong Kong, Shanghai and most recently Seoul - trips I would have jumped at before I had kids. But now I have two little people who depend on me, and I can't just bugger off to the other side of the world for a week and let them wonder where on earth (literally) Mummy is. It wouldn't be fair on them, and it wouldn't be fair on John, who has to hold the forte and often compromise his own job commitments to make things work for the travel I still do have to do, as we haven’t got any other support available to us.

The thing is, while before I would have wanted to go, now, deep down I know that I don’t. It’s not just a rational choice I am having to make, it’s also an emotional one. Aside from the fact, that it would be impossible for me to go, practicalities and all logistics considered.

Equally, since having kids, I've had to really re-evaluate my career and make choices about the goals I want to achieve, what I can realistically do and push (myself) for, and what can be compatible with being a full time Mum, too. I still have things I thrive for in my job / career, but maybe these things have to wait until my kids are older, and it is less of a burden on my family. Maybe for now, the right thing to do is to take small steps, and leave the bigger goals for later.

The thing is though, that a lot of my personal satisfaction comes from my profession and knowing that I’m doing a good job. Compromising this does very much feel like compromising a part of me, even though I know that it is the right thing to do.

I doubt that many men ever have to face the same questions, choices and challenges as women. It’s not exactly fair, is it?

As women we will always be stretched and the balance between work, life, motherhood and family will always be elusive and a challenge to achieve.

Do I think women can have it all? Yes, I do. But maybe not all at the same time.

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25 Oct 2015

My Sunday Photo 25th October 2015

If this photo had a title, it would simply be called "Friends". This is just a snapshot of Becky and one of her best buddies (she has many, bless her!), during a visit to the playground. They were so cute together, laughing and giggling and just enjoying life and each other's company. This photo, to me, just captures the beauty, innocence and fun of childhood and friendship. I would love it if the girls remained friends for life. My best friend and I go back to those very same childhood days, and we have lots of similar shots that remind us of our special and long-standing friendship. I hope Becky will look back at this shot one day, and remember the happiness and joy of this moment.


24 Oct 2015

Why oh why do the clocks go back?

Tonight, at 2am in the morning, the clocks will go back to daylight saving time. Just why they do, I don’t quite understand – does anyone, really (something to do with productivity and exposure to more daylight I believe)?  Meh, in any case. 

Before I had children, this would have been the weekend I'd be looking forward to all month. One extra hour in bed! Hooray!

Now, however, that I have children, this is a different matter entirely. Twice a year, in March and October, I dread the change of time. Because when you have small children, this really messes with routines and sleep patterns – theirs and mine!

It’s not quite so bad with Becky now. She’s at an age where the occasional late or short night doesn’t bother her, and she quickly snaps back into her normal routine. With Alex, however, it’s not that simple. After all, how do you make a 15 month old understand that he is supposed to stay in bed an hour longer? He normally wakes around 7am, which, after tonight, will be 6am. I know in the grand scheme of babies and sleep deprivation, that’s still not as bad as many of my friends’ kids who wake much earlier. But still. Come on! 6am! For me, that’s still really not on.

It will take days to readjust his sleep pattern – and I don’t deal with sleep deprivation very well, mine that is.

In the past, with Becky, we used to try to put her to bed at the same time but new time, if that makes sense. So if she normally goes to bed at 7.30pm, we would send her to bed at 7.30pm new time, an hour late, so to speak. Or, if she was really tired, we’d settle for a halfway house and send her to bed at 7pm new time to avoid the drama of overtired small people. This normally kind of worked, and seemed the best solution.

Last year Alex was only tiny and wasn’t really in any kind of routine, so it didn’t matter, but this year, he is. So we’ll have to see how we get on. Wish us luck!

But my child-free friends better not boast about their extra hour of sleep – or else!

22 Oct 2015

Clever and stylish toy storage ideas

Anyone who has ever stepped on a piece of Lego with their bare feet, cursing under their breath, will know that when you have kids, toys are everywhere. Literally.

In our house, we are slowly but surely drowning in toys. Even though I try to stay on top of it as best as I can, parting with unused toys as the kids outgrow them, nearly every room contains various Barbies, Legos, drawing kits, fancy dress costumes, musical toys and so on – and then some.

So I’ve been looking for some toy storage ideas that are clever as well as stylish to easily put away some of the kids’ stuff, as well as helping them to learn to be a bit more tidy and that everything has its place.

I love the little ladder shelves (top picture). I think if we ever move or reconfigure our home, these will definitely be on my wish list, as they just look so cute, while also pretty and child friendly.

I love how the hallway has been used with this clever and space saving shelving and vintage crate. 

How ingenious is this? Toy cars on a magnetic strip - tidy while also making for a nice display. 

Over-the-door storage is one of the best ways to maximise space in small rooms - and it's so
easy to do! 

Good old Ikea to the rescue. I don't know many households who don't have one of these shelve units in their house - they certainly can store away a hell of a lot of books, games and Legos! 

These little shelve units are gorgeous. Surely they would make tidying away toys fun! At least you'd think so! 

More over-the-door storage solutions here. I especially love the see-through shoe bags -perfect for arts and crafts stuff, like in the picture, but I can also imagine putting Becky's Barbies in there. The storage cubes and toy box are so cute, too, though, aren't they? 

These super sweet storage baskets are also super cute, and would not look out of place in any room. Putting them on my wishlist right now.

* Picture source: Pinterest, Pottery Barn Kids, A Place for Everything, The Great Little Trading Company, JoJo Maman Bebe. For full details check out my Pinterest board here 

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18 Oct 2015

My Sunday Photo 18th October 2015

Another phone snapshot of my son caught in the act: He's got tons of toys, but he's not bothered about any of them. His favorite pastime is to raid my kitchen and to play with the spice rack. Best start hiding the salt ...


17 Oct 2015

Halloween Inspiration

Before I had kids, I never really got the fascination with Halloween. I’m still not entirely sold, really, but since Becky came along, I’m just treating it as another great opportunity for a bit of fun with my little girl, and we’ve been joining in the “celebrations”, or whatever you call it with Halloween.

Last year we went to a fabulous Halloween party at our friend’s house – we dressed up, played spooky games and went out trick or treating, which Becky thoroughly enjoyed, and this year our friend has kindly invited us again, so we are looking forward to this, especially as Halloween actually falls on a weekend anyway, so this should be fun for kids and grown-ups, too.

I’m not very good at costume making *read: totally inept* so it’ll be another shop-bought dress, or maybe even Becky’s witch dress from last year, which she looks extremely cute in. I’ve consulted my trusted Pinterest to get a bit of inspiration for kids make-up, though I realise that the above is way too aspirational and whatever I try will look a lot more "shocking" - geddit?. But I love how the little girls in the photos have been styled, and if I can apply even a tiny bit of that on Becky, she will look even cuter than she already does. I will have to go out and get some face paints and do a little test run in the next few days.

I’ve also volunteered to bake some spooky treats for the party, and I’ll probably opt for some cupcakes like in the photos above. They look relatively achievable whilst also very tasty, so Becky and I will have a go at those during half term week.

Of course Halloween is all about sweet treats, but I think it’s important to also have some healthier alternatives on offer. How about some “blood oranges” or “hell raisins” or “killer nuts” (ok, I’ll stop now!)?

But seriously, I love the idea of the ghostly bananas and “pumpkin” satsumas, which I found on Pinterest, as well as roasted spicy pumpkin seeds and a range of seasoned nuts. 

So yes, I think we’re more or less set for Halloween. Just need to find a little outfit for Alex now.Of course he's too small yet to know what’s going on, but I just can’t resist dressing him up in something. Baby pumpkin perhaps? Too cute!  

*Picture Source: all Pinterest 

15 Oct 2015

#Siblings October 2015

The other day we made the most of the sunny autumn afternoons of late and ventured out for what was probably the last picnic of the year. We all had lots of fun, and when I looked back through the pictures I realised that they sum up the current relationship between Alex and Becky perfectly. 

The dynamic between them has changed a little over the last couple of weeks. Whereas before it was mostly Alex who was obsessed with his big sister and would follow her around to see what she was up to and wanting her to play with him, now the tables appear to have turned, and Becky is all over Alex, while he seems more interested in his independence and exploring the world.

Becky is always hugging him, jumping on him, holding him or trying to pick him up (he’s way too heavy for her though, so she never quite manages), and she makes a concerted effort to play with him – not all the time, but a lot, which is really cute and sweet.

Since she started school, she seems to be really aware of the fact that she is a big sister. I mentioned in last month’s post already that she is always trying to teach, encourage and praise him, which has continued on and has become even more evident. I’m not sure whether they are talking about their siblings a lot at school, but she is certainly relishing her role of big sister.

A couple of days ago they were playing so beautifully together, for a solid 15 to 20 minutes they were chasing each other around, play fighting, launching themselves at each other and laughing and giggling. It was so lovely and funny, and not a scene I expected until Alex is a little older, but somehow the age difference didn’t seem to matter, they were just two little play mates, enjoying each other's company. Until that is, Alex got a little carried away  and bit Becky in the arm. 

My heart sank. He hadn’t bitten anyone in weeks and I thought this was behind us, but I think he just got over excited and didn’t obviously mean it. Still, Becky went into tearful meltdown, and Alex realised that he had done something to hurt her, and also started wailing uncontrollably. It was pretty horrible, but to Becky’s credit, once I explained to her that Alex didn’t mean it and that he just did it because he got a little too excited, and that he also sometimes does that to Mummy, she calmed down quickly and was very gracious about it in the end. She hasn’t mentioned it again and she continues to be very loving toward Alex, which I'm very grateful for, as I was worried that this would affect her attitude towards him. 

I’m so happy that both Becky and Alex have each other; for better, for worse, they will always be connected and an entity. This time last year I was despairing, thinking that they would never have a relationship (you can read about it here ), but now I couldn’t be happier and I am so grateful that my wonderful twosome are just the way they are. 

Becky is always ready for a pose for the camera, whereas Alex just wants to eat his snack. 

Becky wants a cuddle, but Alex is eyeing up the next climbing opportunity instead. 

Becky is always trying to lift Alex up - luckily he's way too heavy or her. 

No, not bothered by a soft toy. There's loads of other stuff to see! 

12 Oct 2015

The Mummy Improvement List

As motherhood goes, I think I’m doing ok. Not perfect, by any stretch  - who is? - but I think I’m doing alright at this Mummy thing. I give my kids an endless amount of affection, I try to be fair, treat them well and try to balance giving them independence with setting necessary boundaries. But most importantly, I love them more than anything in the world and I would do anything for them.

However, I am also aware of my shortcomings. The things I’m not so good at. Especially lately, as we’ve been going through the transition of Becky starting school and me having quite a stressful old time balancing work and motherhood and worrying about a thousand and one things that are going on elsewhere, I’ve caught myself coming short of being the mummy I want to be. I’ve been stressed and short fused at times, and my mind has been mainly occupied with getting through my daily to do lists and everyday worries rather than really focusing on being a Mum. So I’ve written a little list of the key things I want to work on and improve, so that I’m the best mummy I can be for my kids.

1. Patience
A biggie for me. I have really felt my patience levels being stretched and tested and diminish a lot lately, partially in response to the fact that Becky has been quite unruly and has not been listening to me at all (you can read all about it here). Also, as cute as he is, Alex, too, is a right handful at the moment, being the not-quite-baby-not-quite-toddler that he is. I’m not the most patient person anyway, but I have to accept that kids just tick very differently and that I have to adjust my expectations and frustration levels to their pace and personalities.

2. Playtime
I’m not particularly good at playing with my kids. It’s not just that I lack the imagination and child’s mindset, but I’m ashamed to say that more often than not I find it boring and dull, and then my mind wonders off to the 100 chores that I have to tick off and that I would rather be doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my kids; I like doing crafts (even though I’m not very arty at all) or baking or just being out and about, but sitting at home and playing, especially if it involves role-play and me being a fairy princess (!) – that I really suck at. However, I realise just how much Becky loves it when I do take the time to play properly with her – and so does Alex, actually – so I’m determined to make more of an effort, for their sake.

3. Time
Which brings me to very issue of time. As a full time working Mum, time is the one thing I don’t have. There are just never enough hours in the day. It’s actually the one thing I struggle with most, having enough time to fit everything in. When the house is a mess (almost always!), the laundry is piling up and the bathroom needs a good clean, I often spend precious time whizzing around dealing with that, while Becky is on the iPad and Alex strapped in his high chair equipped with lots of different snacks to pacify him, when really, I could be and should be spending time with the kids first. I need to learn to let the house be a mess more and prioritise the kids. After all, how does one of those motivational sayings go? "Children will never remember whether the house was clean, but they will remember the precious moments they spent with their Mummy and Daddy" (or something like that). True dat.

4. Fun Mum
Which brings me to my last point, re-establishing a sense of fun. Both Alex and Becky are so funny and so cute, I need to focus more on this, be less shouty and grumpy and just enjoy their company and have fun with them. As I already said, I have been a bit stressed and short tempered lately, and even small things have been setting me off. But I’m determined to regain my inner zen and to appreciate how much fun my little monkeys are (even if they are very cheeky indeed!).  

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8 Oct 2015

Why won't they listen?

There have been changes aplenty since Becky started school. But one of the most noticeable ones is her sudden lack of ability to listen. At all. It's a marked departure from her usually predominantly good behaviour, and it’s really starting to grind on me!

Of course it’s a given that kids don’t have any sense of urgency and that as a parent you often have to repeat yourself several times before it registers with your little ones. But right now, every day, I sound like a broken record! From the moment she gets up and I have to remind her multiple times to come down for breakfast through having to nag her again and again to get dressed, put her cardigan on, her shoes, her coat through trying to manoeuvre her out of the door and into the car to getting ready at bedtime and having to tell her over and over again to brush her teeth, get changed, put her toys away … You get the picture. It’s tedious and time consuming and really frustrating, actually.

It’s as if she has suddenly gone partially deaf or worse still, as if she’s turned into a teenager prematurely. And I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet! 

I’m aware that I’m probably not handling it very well, namely losing my patience and shouting at her after the 100th time I’ve had to tell her something over and over. Or giving out threats like “no iPad”, “Barbies going in the bin” (which they have indeed a few times now, only for me to fish them out later! I’m an example of resolve!), “no bedtime story” etc. And when I do put my foot down and carry those threats out, we have major meltdowns and tears, which further delays everything and doesn’t help the overall situation.

Whereas before I would just have to say something like “where have you left your listening ears? Switch them on, please!”, at which point she would laugh and obey, now I just get a cheeky: “I’ve left them in the toy box, mummy!”. Aaaarrrrgh!

I’m turning into the Mum I don’t want to be. Her behaviour is turning me into the Mum I don’t want to be.

Shouty Mum.

Grumpy Mum.

Impatient Mum.

And I’m not quite sure what to do about it. The threats aren’t working. Would rewards for good behaviour work instead? It’s something I’m currently contemplating long and hard. The other thing I’m going to introduce - one of John’s ideas - is to buy her a nice clock and explain to her where she needs to be and what she needs to have done by a particular time (she is already quite good with clocks and times, and hopefully strengthening this will be another positive side effect), whether that’s dressed in the mornings or her teeth brushed in the evenings, so if she faffs, she can tangibly see that she is running out of time and that in turn there will be consequences she doesn’t like. Hopefully this will give her some sense of independence and understanding. We’ll see. It’s just an attempt to get some kind of handle and control back over the situation.

At least she doesn’t seem to be the only one doing this right now. I was talking to a couple of my mummy friends at the school gates this morning, and they all said that their little ones are exactly the same and that they have all also turned into shouty mums *thank goodness for mummy friends and mummy solidarity, ey?*. 

My friend Hannah has the theory that they listen so much at school all day every day now that they literally lose the ability and concentration to focus or listen to anything else. She might be onto something.

I just hope it won’t last. Because I’m getting pretty bored of saying the same thing over and over!


6 Oct 2015

Autumn weekends

The beginning of autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love it when the leaves turn red and golden, and I find that this season is one of the most beautiful and picturesque of the whole year. So we’ve been making the most of the nice and warm weather of the last couple of weeks and have been trying to venture out as much as we can. Nothing major, just the local parks, playgrounds and forestry centres, but nevertheless, it’s been good to be out and about and soak up the last rays of sunshine of the year. Below are a couple of pictures of our last few trips – I had actually forgotten that we had taken some of these shots, and as I was scrolling through mine and John’s cameras, I was really happy to find them. 

A few rare photos of John. He's normally the one behind the lens and never ever poses for me, so I have to take sneaky candid shots all the time. *Sigh*

Becky loves pushing Alex on the swing. It's so nice to see them giggle and having fun together. 

Aha! Oho! Conquering the massive Gruffalo! 

Sometimes it's good to hug a tree! 

5 Oct 2015

My favourite time of the day ...

…is the kids’ bedtime. Now, I know what you’re thinking. And you’re not entirely wrong. It has partially to do with the fact that once I’ve put the kids to bed, a nice, crisp bottle glass of wine with my name on it will be waiting for me.

But mainly, the kid’s bedtime is my favourite time of the day because I get to spend some quality time with Becky and Alex. And for some reason, at bedtime both of my little monkeys are extremely cute *bar the odd evening when we all are in meltdown (including me).*

Mornings are usually horrible; stressful, shouty, grumpy, hectic. But evenings – they are so much nicer, so much more relaxed and peaceful. Working full time and with the kids at school / after school club and nursery all day, it’s also the only real time of the day when we can catch up and spend some one on one moments without any time pressure or stress.

First up is Alex. After his bath – which he absolutely loves – I make him his bottle and we snuggle down on the sofa where he guzzles down his milk like there’s no tomorrow, while I sniff on his freshly washed hair (am I weird?), cuddle him and give him lots of kisses (hey, I’m making the most of it while I still can and he lets me!). 

Once he’s finished, he turns into the cutest mixture of sleepy and mischievous, and it has become our little routine that we continue to snuggle and play for a bit. He’ll be pulling my glasses down, with a really naughty giggle, while I tickle him and blow raspberries on his belly, which makes him proper chuckle! After this I’ll carry him upstairs, he says night night to Daddy and Becky, and I pop him in his sleeping bag and sing him a lullaby, after which he usually just nods off.

Then it’s Becky’s turn. We get her ready for bed, while chatting about the day or the many other random things she asks and tells me (she is SUCH a chatterbox!). Then we settle down for a bedtime story, during which Becky continues to chat loads, and then a whole other procedure ensues where we have to say goodnight to her dollies and soft toys and position them correctly all around her in her bed. And then I sing her a lullaby, too, a German one that I have been singing to her ever since she was born. She’s probably getting too old for it and soon she’ll ask me to leave it out, but for now, I still saviour it as part of our routine while I still have the chance. Sometimes John joins in and does a mock-German sing-along to it, which has Becky in stitches and is very funny indeed.

I often feel drained of energy on an evening, exhausted beyond belief and admittedly clock-watch until it’s finally bedtime, but when it indeed rolls on, I love spending that special time with my cute and wonderful twosome.

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4 Oct 2015

My Sunday Photo 4th October 2015

This was taken during the rainbow run at Becky’s school. It was a fab day and quite the spectacle seeing all the little kids covered in paints. Becky loved doing the run – until she tripped and fell over just before the end, then it was lots of tears and game over, bless her. Still, she got a big medal at the end of it, and once she calmed down she still had a fab time with her friends rolling in the paints afterwards and getting covered in powder from head to toe. 

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