6 Oct 2015

Autumn weekends

The beginning of autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love it when the leaves turn red and golden, and I find that this season is one of the most beautiful and picturesque of the whole year. So we’ve been making the most of the nice and warm weather of the last couple of weeks and have been trying to venture out as much as we can. Nothing major, just the local parks, playgrounds and forestry centres, but nevertheless, it’s been good to be out and about and soak up the last rays of sunshine of the year. Below are a couple of pictures of our last few trips – I had actually forgotten that we had taken some of these shots, and as I was scrolling through mine and John’s cameras, I was really happy to find them. 

A few rare photos of John. He's normally the one behind the lens and never ever poses for me, so I have to take sneaky candid shots all the time. *Sigh*

Becky loves pushing Alex on the swing. It's so nice to see them giggle and having fun together. 

Aha! Oho! Conquering the massive Gruffalo! 

Sometimes it's good to hug a tree! 


  1. I love autumn too, the colours are just gorgeous. It looks like you've had a great time recently, with the good weather x

    1. We did, thank you! We were trying to make the most of it before the rain set it, like this week. I love autumn though, there's something about the colours and the whole feel of the season! x


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