17 Oct 2015

Halloween Inspiration

Before I had kids, I never really got the fascination with Halloween. I’m still not entirely sold, really, but since Becky came along, I’m just treating it as another great opportunity for a bit of fun with my little girl, and we’ve been joining in the “celebrations”, or whatever you call it with Halloween.

Last year we went to a fabulous Halloween party at our friend’s house – we dressed up, played spooky games and went out trick or treating, which Becky thoroughly enjoyed, and this year our friend has kindly invited us again, so we are looking forward to this, especially as Halloween actually falls on a weekend anyway, so this should be fun for kids and grown-ups, too.

I’m not very good at costume making *read: totally inept* so it’ll be another shop-bought dress, or maybe even Becky’s witch dress from last year, which she looks extremely cute in. I’ve consulted my trusted Pinterest to get a bit of inspiration for kids make-up, though I realise that the above is way too aspirational and whatever I try will look a lot more "shocking" - geddit?. But I love how the little girls in the photos have been styled, and if I can apply even a tiny bit of that on Becky, she will look even cuter than she already does. I will have to go out and get some face paints and do a little test run in the next few days.

I’ve also volunteered to bake some spooky treats for the party, and I’ll probably opt for some cupcakes like in the photos above. They look relatively achievable whilst also very tasty, so Becky and I will have a go at those during half term week.

Of course Halloween is all about sweet treats, but I think it’s important to also have some healthier alternatives on offer. How about some “blood oranges” or “hell raisins” or “killer nuts” (ok, I’ll stop now!)?

But seriously, I love the idea of the ghostly bananas and “pumpkin” satsumas, which I found on Pinterest, as well as roasted spicy pumpkin seeds and a range of seasoned nuts. 

So yes, I think we’re more or less set for Halloween. Just need to find a little outfit for Alex now.Of course he's too small yet to know what’s going on, but I just can’t resist dressing him up in something. Baby pumpkin perhaps? Too cute!  

*Picture Source: all Pinterest 

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