15 Oct 2015

#Siblings October 2015

The other day we made the most of the sunny autumn afternoons of late and ventured out for what was probably the last picnic of the year. We all had lots of fun, and when I looked back through the pictures I realised that they sum up the current relationship between Alex and Becky perfectly. 

The dynamic between them has changed a little over the last couple of weeks. Whereas before it was mostly Alex who was obsessed with his big sister and would follow her around to see what she was up to and wanting her to play with him, now the tables appear to have turned, and Becky is all over Alex, while he seems more interested in his independence and exploring the world.

Becky is always hugging him, jumping on him, holding him or trying to pick him up (he’s way too heavy for her though, so she never quite manages), and she makes a concerted effort to play with him – not all the time, but a lot, which is really cute and sweet.

Since she started school, she seems to be really aware of the fact that she is a big sister. I mentioned in last month’s post already that she is always trying to teach, encourage and praise him, which has continued on and has become even more evident. I’m not sure whether they are talking about their siblings a lot at school, but she is certainly relishing her role of big sister.

A couple of days ago they were playing so beautifully together, for a solid 15 to 20 minutes they were chasing each other around, play fighting, launching themselves at each other and laughing and giggling. It was so lovely and funny, and not a scene I expected until Alex is a little older, but somehow the age difference didn’t seem to matter, they were just two little play mates, enjoying each other's company. Until that is, Alex got a little carried away  and bit Becky in the arm. 

My heart sank. He hadn’t bitten anyone in weeks and I thought this was behind us, but I think he just got over excited and didn’t obviously mean it. Still, Becky went into tearful meltdown, and Alex realised that he had done something to hurt her, and also started wailing uncontrollably. It was pretty horrible, but to Becky’s credit, once I explained to her that Alex didn’t mean it and that he just did it because he got a little too excited, and that he also sometimes does that to Mummy, she calmed down quickly and was very gracious about it in the end. She hasn’t mentioned it again and she continues to be very loving toward Alex, which I'm very grateful for, as I was worried that this would affect her attitude towards him. 

I’m so happy that both Becky and Alex have each other; for better, for worse, they will always be connected and an entity. This time last year I was despairing, thinking that they would never have a relationship (you can read about it here ), but now I couldn’t be happier and I am so grateful that my wonderful twosome are just the way they are. 

Becky is always ready for a pose for the camera, whereas Alex just wants to eat his snack. 

Becky wants a cuddle, but Alex is eyeing up the next climbing opportunity instead. 

Becky is always trying to lift Alex up - luckily he's way too heavy or her. 

No, not bothered by a soft toy. There's loads of other stuff to see! 


  1. Ah bless they're cottons - this is such a lovely time for their relationship :)

  2. haha lovely. great bond. #siblings

  3. Aww that's lovely that they're getting closer and closer as they get bigger - I wonder whether school has proved the "absence makes the heart grow fonder". They're certainly making up for it and these photos are gorgeous!


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