24 Oct 2015

Why oh why do the clocks go back?

Tonight, at 2am in the morning, the clocks will go back to daylight saving time. Just why they do, I don’t quite understand – does anyone, really (something to do with productivity and exposure to more daylight I believe)?  Meh, in any case. 

Before I had children, this would have been the weekend I'd be looking forward to all month. One extra hour in bed! Hooray!

Now, however, that I have children, this is a different matter entirely. Twice a year, in March and October, I dread the change of time. Because when you have small children, this really messes with routines and sleep patterns – theirs and mine!

It’s not quite so bad with Becky now. She’s at an age where the occasional late or short night doesn’t bother her, and she quickly snaps back into her normal routine. With Alex, however, it’s not that simple. After all, how do you make a 15 month old understand that he is supposed to stay in bed an hour longer? He normally wakes around 7am, which, after tonight, will be 6am. I know in the grand scheme of babies and sleep deprivation, that’s still not as bad as many of my friends’ kids who wake much earlier. But still. Come on! 6am! For me, that’s still really not on.

It will take days to readjust his sleep pattern – and I don’t deal with sleep deprivation very well, mine that is.

In the past, with Becky, we used to try to put her to bed at the same time but new time, if that makes sense. So if she normally goes to bed at 7.30pm, we would send her to bed at 7.30pm new time, an hour late, so to speak. Or, if she was really tired, we’d settle for a halfway house and send her to bed at 7pm new time to avoid the drama of overtired small people. This normally kind of worked, and seemed the best solution.

Last year Alex was only tiny and wasn’t really in any kind of routine, so it didn’t matter, but this year, he is. So we’ll have to see how we get on. Wish us luck!

But my child-free friends better not boast about their extra hour of sleep – or else!


  1. I'm not looking forward to it either! Just move them an hour forward (for lighter evenings all year) and be done with it I say!! :P

    1. Absolutely! It seems such a date concept, and is just rubbish when you have small people. Hope all goes well for your lot! :-)


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