29 Nov 2015

Alex, 16 months

I’m a little late with Alex’s 16 months update, but on the plus side, there’s lots to talk about this time. Over the last few weeks, he has come on in leaps and bounds - not sure whether his recent spell of night terrors is the explanation behind a developmental surge, but developed he has, and noticeably so.

For starters … *drumroll* … he has started to walk! Finally! His evolution to a homo erectus began about two weeks ago, when he suddenly took a few steps forward towards me in our hallway. Since then, he has managed to walk the whole loop between our kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway all in one go, which is pretty impressive. However, he remains a little lazy (or just very clever) and when he wants to get from A to B fast, he still prefers to crawl. But he is making more of an effort now to walk, and he enjoys holding my hand and walking alongside me, so we are doing this quite a bit to practice.

He has also started saying “Hiya” and “Bye Bye” while waving, and it’s so adorable. Especially when we’re out and about or at the supermarket or so, he’ll be sitting in his buggy or trolley and waving at people, saying “Hiya” and amusing lots of strangers. He’s so cute, with his cheeky little smile and his angelic blond hair!

My friend recently gave me a baby sign language DVD, and we started to watch it whenever we have a chance, and I have to say, he seems quite fascinated with it. He has slowly started to take more note of the TV and CBeebies, too, and he will now sit quietly on my lap for a few minutes and watch, which is nice, as we are cuddling up together and enjoying a bit of downtime.

On the flipside, he’s been bringing home all bugs going at nursery, so he’s been ill twice this month with chest infection and fevers, and his sleep has been all messed up again, with lots of awake time at night. I’m pretty exhausted – for some reason, I can cope a lot less being awake at night at this stage than when he was a newborn and it was kind of programmed into your system. It didn’t bother me in the slightest then, but now I feel utterly fatigued and am struggling to function properly. Hopefully this will pass. He did manage to avoid a case of Impetigo though, which was going round at nursery and which I was dreading, mainly because I didn’t fancy getting it myself (I can’t help cuddling and kissing him, so would have so contracted it, too) and then being at meetings looking like a freak!

He’s still climbing on everything and anything, and is getting more and more dexterous at it. If something is out of his reach, he’ll find some box or stool, drag it to where he wants it to be, and then grab whatever it is he’s taken a fancy to, so we’re having to move lots of things we thought were safe higher up onto cupboards and shelves.

I can’t wait for Christmas now. Even though I don’t think he will quite understand the concept yet, he will hopefully be aware of the festive atmosphere – whilst most likely pulling down our tree and decorations! – and together with Becky, who is beyond excited, it will hopefully be a very special family time indeed. 

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